Shankar Net Worth 2020 – Car, Salary, Business, Awards, Bio

Shankar Net Worth is Rs. 116 Crore INR. Cinema is incomplete without a Director and a Producer. One of the famous personalities once quoted “If no producer, No Movies”. Bollywood movies depend highly only on film Direction to be successful and one such Director who has taken Hindi cinema to a great heights is Mr. Shankar. He is one of the sought after Director and producer and has given many hit films. Also read Net Worth details of Sachin TendulkarSerena Williams and Rajnikanth.

Here, we will discuss about Mr. Shankar’s professional Career, production house, films and most importantly his earnings, wealth and net worth. Mr. Shankar is the Writer, Producer, Director, Star Maker, Master Story Teller, and Cinematic trendsetter and trend breaker. He is the main driving force behind creativity of the huge super stardom film ROBOT. He is one of the highest paid directors and producer of Film Industry.

The total net worth of Shankar is estimated to be 21 Million USD, which in Indian currency is approximately 1363740000.00 Indian Rupee (i.e One hundred and Thirty Six Crore INR). Mr. Shankar’s Net Worth has grown by 85% in the past few years. The net worth of Mr. Shankar includes remuneration from movies, personal investment and his production house. Also as a Philanthropist he is among the leading individual when it comes to sharing for a social cause and charity. Also he is one of the highest tax payers in the country.

Mr. Shankar Net worth:

House: Mr. Shankar owns a Beautiful designed luxury House in Navi Mumbai, India.  He bought this House in 2013. The estimated value of the House is around Rs.6 Crores. He also owns multiple Real-estate properties in the country.

Cars: Shankar Owns a few Luxury cars which includes a black Rolls-Royce Ghost luxury car. Shankar has spent about Rs.3.45 crores on the Ghost including a special number plate. Shankar’s new Rolls-Royce , Along with that he owns a BMW.

Shankar Net Worth

Average Movie remuneration:

Estimated Net Worth Rs. 116Crore INR
Average Movie remuneration* Rs. 32Crore INR
Personal Investment Rs. 45 Crore INR
Luxury-Cars Rs. 08Crore INR
Income Tax PY Rs. 6Crore INR

*Average movie remuneration as director

Let us have a look at the facts about Mr. Shankar’s Approx Annual Earnings from films for the last few years which are a part of his net worth:

Year Earnings
2016 Rs. 32 Crore INR
2015 Rs. 23Crore INR
2014 Rs. 21Crore INR
2013 Rs. 18Crore INR
2012 Rs. 15Crore INR

Dependency of Mr. Shankar Net Worth:

In case of any celebrities, a lot of earning depends on fan following. Shankar is one of the most popular Director, producer and film maker in India and other countries. Apart from film making, he is also a producer and a scriptwriter. He has also invested in multiple real-estate properties. Thus, we can be very positive that the net worth of Shankar sir will keep on growing through the years.

About Mr. Shankar:

If you are a action-comedy Cinema fan, you might already know few things about Shankar that are mentioned below:

Shankar was born on 17th August, 1963 in the state of Tamil nadu, India. His full name is Shankar Shanmugam. He completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Central Polytechnic College before entering the film industry.

Shankar family includes his father Shanmugam, mother Muthulakshmi, his wife Easwari and two daughters and a son.Shankar resides in T.Nagar, Chennai.

He was roped into the film industry as a screenwriter by S. A. Chandrasekhar, who accidentally saw the drama stage shows made by Shankar and his team. Wanting to be an actor initially, he chose to be a director instead. Shankar made his debut as a director with the film Gentleman in the year 1993.

Shankar began his career as an assistant to film directors like S. A. Chandrasekhar and Pavithran. His first break in Hindi films was as an assistant director to S. A. Chandrasekhar in Jai Shiv Shankar produced by Rajesh Khanna.


  • National Award
  • Filmfare Awards South
  • Tamil Nadu State Film Awards
  • Vijay Awards

Two of his films, Indian (1996) and Jeans (1998), were submitted by India for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by M. G. R. University.

Out of his 12 releases, Shankar has collaborated with musical maestro AR Rahman seven times and all the albums enjoyed chart buster status.

Shankar is the only film director who has had worked with most of the Tamil superstars including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vikram, and Vijay. In 1996, Kamal Haasan won his fourth National award for his role in Shankar’s Indian.

His most famous films include:

  • Gentleman
  • Nayak
  • Sivaji:The boss
  • I
  • Robot
  • Kaadhal
  • Boys
  • Jeans
  • Indian
  • Robot 2.0 and many more

With the end, we wish Shankar sir a successful year ahead with lots of achievements and a good health and lots of love. May he keep winning and keep growing his net worth always!