Review of CA Final Costing Paper Nov 2023, SCMPE Discussion

Discuss and Review of CA Final Costing Paper Nov 2023, CA Final Costing New Syllabus Paper Review Nov 2023, Review of CA Final Costing Old Syllabus.

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Review of CA Final Costing Paper
Review Of Ca Final Costing Paper

Discuss and Review of CA Final Costing Paper Nov 2023, Hello Guys here we are going to share a review of CA Final Costing New Syllabus Paper Nov 2023 and a review of CA Final Costing Old Syllabus Paper Nov 2023. Download and Check the Review of CA Final Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation Question Paper Nov 2023. how was today’s CA Final Costing Question Paper, Please Share Your Reviews for Today’s AMA Paper From below reply box. we will uploaded CA Final Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation Question Paper for Nov 2023 Exams and updated you as soon possible. Keep visit to our site for more latest updates.

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CA Final Costing (SCMPE) Paper

Strategic issues are increasingly becoming important, cost management has changed from a traditional role of product costing and operational control to a border, where cost leadership and performance management is vital. In this scenario managing costs strategically and monitoring and controlling performance is crucial for the long-term sustainability of organizations. This study material combines the strategic cost management techniques, with the performance-based management framework in one integrated system.Under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training, at the Final Level, you are expected to not only to apply various strategic cost management tools and techniques but also to analyze and evaluate the issues. The process of learning helps you inculcate the requisite professional skills, necessary for achieving the desired professional competence.

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Review of CA Final SCMPE Paper Nov 2023

User NameReview Nov 2023
rituScmpe paper was lengthy
kcAbove average or tough
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Review of CA Final SCMPE Paper May 2023

User NameReview
rajatQ1 what we’re 7 processes in SCM
NishaEasy papa but lengthy
Namancase study bhut easy thi
IshatStandard costing ka que was very difficult
AnubhavHa yeh tha difficult. What was sales volume variance?
CA Final Costing Review May 2023

Review of CA Final Costing Paper Dec 2021

CA Final SCMPE Dec 2021 Today’s Paper Analysis By CA Atul Agarwal


Content in this Article

  • 1- Environment Management Accounting (20 Marks)
  • 2 – Customer Lifetime Value (20 Marks)
  • 3 – Transfer Pricing (20 Marks)
  • 4(a) – Kaizen – 5 marks
  • 4(b) – Decision Making – 5 Marks
  • 4(c) – EVA – 10 marks
  • 5(a) – OEE – 10 Marks
  • 5(b) – NPO Performance – 10 Marks
  • 6(a) – Decision Making – 10 marks
  • 6(b) – Budgetary with Standard – 10 marks
  • No Questions from icai digest
  • 60 Marks Repeated/Similar Questions (EMA, EVA, OEE, NPO, Decision Making 6a)
  • 60 Marks New Questions
User NameReview
gauravPlz don’t call today’s scmpe ppr easy ..bcoz ye aisa sub hai jo easy aya fir bhi result ke din barbaad karta hai..
swaLengthy tha
sakshiold was tough and lengthy…hope i clear it orelse it will be adios ca🤞
poojaFirstly it mostly were totally new questions .nd second the paper was tough ..3rd was too lengthy
pradeepQuestion 2 was tough for me…
vershaEasy manageable paper
Just theory portion was time-consuming
nehaValuation will be easy as maximum are new question
chandniExpect tough paper which was average in July 21 atempt
deepakPaper easy de diya ab marking me marege.
NihalSach m aaj yhi hua….. Calculator wait kr rha tha ki kb use kre
SandeepVery tricky question number 2 new syllabus
YogeshAs usual old course ke sath pura badla nikala
AdityaBhayya it’s damn tough paper…
MeghanaValuation will be tough
pavanEasy paper
akrutiNo question from std costing?
bhuvaneshitna bhi easy nahi hona chiye ki log 4-4.30 hi karke bahar aagye
ankitTooo easy
varunEasy paper
manavReally Bhut shi paper aaya aaj… Repeated sums the mostly to
manishSo easy 😀
anmolBadhiya tha paper….50+ pakka hai…baaki dekhte hain..
Download PaperOld Syllabus,New Syllabus

CA Final Costing Paper review New Dec 2021

CA Final Costing Paper review New Dec

CA Final Costing Paper review Old Dec 2021

CA Final Costing Paper review New Dec

Review of CA Final Costing Paper July 2021

SCMPE Review

  • Category A – 90 Marks
  • Category B – 25 Marks
  • Category C – 10 Marks
  • Case Study – Business Excellence Model (Quality Management) (Chapter 2 )
  • Question 2 – New Question of Target Costing (20 Marks)
  • Question 3 – ROI and RI
  • Question 4 – Value Chain, EMA
  • 4(b) – International Transfer Pricing
  • Question 5 (a) and 6 (a) Decision Making
  • Question 5(b) Beyond Budgeting
  • Question 6(b) Standard Costing (Activity Based)
  • No question from icai digest

Overall Average

TarakQ No. 5(a) of new syllabus SCMPE and Q No. 4(b) of old syllabus AMA same question only data changed are from Throughput Accounting. This.question is copied from the book ” Cost Accounting by Horngreen” Question No.HG19-19.
AkshFound the paper too tough, lengthy, tricky – New Course… (honest opinion )
DivyaPaper was hell lengthy and tough too… Logon ko ek case study kya aya, paper achanak se easy ho gaya
VaishaliPaper was not easy .. it was average only 20-30 marks paper was from SM and straight.. else was very tricky and time-consuming which make it more lengthy
Hemantold syllabus question point tricky bhi ese the k uske bina sum strt bhi ni ho skta😅
VinayOld Syllabus – Very lengthy
Variance – Easy
Budget – Ek point tricky
Throughout accounting – Over the head
1st qstn – Easy
ABC – Thoda tricky 😅 Trick smjhi to asaan(Batch wise abc)
ArjunNot at all average, the topics were familiar but the questions were all new and very lengthy on top of that. I would categorize under tough.
SakshiOld paper was lengthy but was difficult also. Who felt the same?
ShefaliSome people are saying old was very easy, paper can’t come easy than this, I don’t know if they are rankers or what
Rajit looks similar but its not completely same . some changes are there which makes lot of difference in final answer
SKLengthy. Thoda confusing. But what else can you expect
AnkitOld course paper seemed to be lengthy and above average
HGPaper was very lengthy.. even though concepts are covered but there are many new points in question.
AjayFor me it was Lengthy and Avg difficulty
KittuI found the ppr very lengthy for new course. Ques were avg.
RahulDekhne mein to easy hii lag raha tha… bohot kuchh chhota chhota diya tha har ek question mein!
MandaHow was old course paper compared to last attempt?
PriyaY did i find it way too lengthy and difficult?
MeenaOld course paper is hard
KushalIn Old Course The questions were new. Most of the paper was of new types of question
MkNew avg tha nothing khas not so easy I found it was avg
Telgram userNothing is easy..once you write and come, then you will know the pain of recollecting and throughly reading big questions…
RajatAma paper with many new questions and lengthy as usual
NiteshPaper was excessive lengthy….And the level of questions was average
AbhitOld course paper is out of box
JessicaSame as other papers old, courser paper is tough
DilkushAnyone who felt new course paper was tough
SuryaBbass only 20-30(including theory) was easy and from sm pm
Overall very very lengthy paper…
Personal review..
SamIt was lengthy and tricky
Sockshock laga..naav me ched ho gaya bada sa
Question paperCA Final Question Papers

CA Final Costing Paper review New July 2021

CA Final Costing Paper review New July 2021

CA Final Costing Paper review Old July 2021

CA Final Costing Paper review New July 2021

Review of CA Final Costing Paper Nov 2020

Costing Question Paper Nov 2020

Old CourseNew Course
Advanced Management Accounting (Costing)Click HereClick Here

Poll ResultsNew SyllabusNov 2020

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costing review
New Syllabus

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CA Final Costing New

Poll ResultsOld SyllabusNov 2020

Poll 1st

costing review

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CA Final Costing

Candidates Also downloadCA Final Question Paperswith Suggested Answers for Nov 2020 Exams.

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