Bachelor of Commerce is one of the highly popular courses amongst the students. The 3-year course deals with accounting, economic policies, import and export laws, and other aspects that influence a business. The program is offered almost everywhere in, both online and offline mode. However, with advancements in education sector, students are now opting for an online method for the bachelor’s program. Read ahead to know how you can pursue an online BCom course, eligibility, career score, and roles you can explore upon completing the course. 

Understanding the program structure 

Though different universities offer some other subjects on the online BCom, one thing that remains the same is the course duration. Some institutions follow a yearly structure where the course is divided into years, whereas some follow the semester structure. The online BCom course also stretches for three years and has a total of six semesters (depending on what format the educational institution follows). Subjects included are- 

  1. Business Law
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Corporate Laws
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Business Statistics
  6. Business Computing 
  7. Corporate Communications 
  8. Business Mathematics and Statistics
  9. Company Laws 
  10. Income Tax Laws 
  11. Advanced Economics 
  12. Elements of Cost Accounting 
  13. Entrepreneurship 
  14. Competition and Consumer Laws 
  15. Indirect Tax Laws 
  16. Stock and Commodity Market 
  17. Corporate Accounting
  18. International Business 
  19. Strategic Management 
  20. Cost Accounting 
  21. Business Communication 
  22. Business Culture 
  23. Principles of Auditing 
  24. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  25. Electives such as Human Resource Management, Stock Market Investments, E-commerce, Indian Economy, Foreign Exchange Markets, Intellectual Property Law, Tourism Management and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and more

Please note that the subjects may vary as per the colleges. 

Why pursue an online BCom course? 

There are various benefits of pursuing an online BCom course. The online course is at par with any regular BCom course. The course is designed for working individuals who cannot pursue a full-time course due to work commitments. But these are not the only benefits. Read ahead to find more- 

No geographical limitations 


The crucial benefit of pursuing an online BCom course is that anyone can enroll in the course from any part of the world. Most of the time, students are restricted to study from a particular college or institution due to personal or geographical factors. In online BCom, you can join the course from any reputed college in any part of the country. 

Great career opportunities 

For students pursuing commerce in their 10+2, the BCom program for the under graduation is the foremost choice. After completing the online BCom, you will be eligible for various roles in the commerce sector. You can also pursue higher education or join a job with a handsome salary. Let’s first look at different job opportunities. 

  1. Certified Management Accountant 
  2. Chartered Financial Analyst
  3. Chartered Accountant 
  4. Government Jobs 
  5. Company Secretary 
  6. Accountant 
  7. Bank Clerk 
  8. Tax Consultant 
  9. Financial Planner 
  10. Business Executive 

Attractive salary package 

BCom graduates get a great salary package if they have completed their education at a reputed college. With online BCom, this will not become a barrier in your career. Various colleges provide online BCom courses at affordable fees. 

Digital classes

The online BCom classes are exactly like the regular classes. However, considering it is online, there are case studies and projects to implement the theoretical knowledge to help you progress in any organization. 

Opportunity to pursue higher courses

Upon completing the online BCom course, you can pursue higher courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Master of Commerce, Cost Accountancy, Stock Market Certification, and such. You can also plan to study abroad after completing your online BCom. For this, you will have to study from a reputed organization that is accepted overseas. 

In a world that is now digitally advanced, studying online is no more a taboo. Various professionals can now pursue the course they couldn’t because of multiple commitments such as job, financial, or even personal. Even students living in remote areas with big dreams can now afford to enroll in the best universities with the help of these online courses. 

Online Manipal provides online BCom courses in partnership with Manipal University Jaipur. The top-ranking education institutions offer a highly advanced curriculum built to advance every learner’s career. The world-class faculty of these top universities will help you understand the fundamentals of the finance sector and will shape your career.

The digital classes are designed to provide the best experience, like a classroom. You will get networking opportunities by studying with the best minds from around the country. Online Manipal also provides career assistance and will help in career advancement with the placement opportunities according to your potential. Simply visit the Online Manipal’s website, enroll in the online BCom course today, and shape your future. 

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