What is a Career Objective in a CV? (Complete Information)

When considering applying for different job sectors, it is really essential to consider the CV first, as it is the most important of all the documents.


Career Objective MBA
Career Objective Mba

Career Objective in a CV: When considering applying for different job sectors, it is really essential to consider the CV first, as it is the most important of all the documents. The curriculum vitae is really essential in determining a brief overview of who you actually are, as the interview panel takes a glimpse of a resume in order to judge you on your performance. Therefore, in order to create a good impression on your interview day, it is really crucial to have an impressive CV.

However, the resume must be worked up to date and make sure you add all the points to it so as to bring out your skills as well as academic record. Job experiences if any, must also be listed briefly on the resume. The CV that is too long is not at all appreciative and therefore, one must be careful enough to look into the pattern of it.

One of the most vital segments in the CV is the career objective area. This portion actually lists all your goals and aims and thus, it must be precise and absolutely well-written. Therefore, some of the key points to bring up in the career objective part of the CV are as follows:

  • If already you had taken control of a position in a firm, make sure you put forth the position of responsibility. Also, write about several learning sessions, knowledge, skills learned and even internships as well.
  • Utilizing the skills in addressing the success of the firm and even contributing to the welfare of the industry.
  • Adding some professional goals and aims and significantly working towards it.
  • Employment status in a company or firm and how likely it was beneficial.
  • Keeping up with challenges.
  • Hard-working and a sincere individual ready to take on responsibilities.
  • Making way for company goals for the ultimate satisfaction of clients and customers.

The importance of Career Objective in a CV :

The career objective portion in the CV is quite detrimental in letting the recruiters know whether you are likely suitable for the job position or not. In that scenario, the objective must be to the point, crisp and not boasting about anything in particular. It must significantly bring forth what you expect from the upcoming job and how likely you are going to fulfill all the deeds. It is on this basis, that some candidates get selected and others fail to qualify.


The description of the career objective in relation to a particular subject must be informative enough and should state your qualities as well in taking up the job. Therefore, let’s look at some examples of career objectives for various positions.

Computer science career objective:

For filling up computer science position in various firms, it is good to have an attractive career objective reflected in the CV. Thus, two examples of career objectives for resume for fresher in computer science are as follows:

  • A completely motivational and self-driven team player, seeking to play the role of a computer specialist (role) at silver Technologies (name of the firm or industry), aiming to take part and execute all heightened tasks that involves basic network solutions, procurement of additional networks in computer installation, seeing to administrative services, several security and support functions, with releasing answers on all complex issues so as to establish a firm reputation of the company, by following all its guidelines.
  • Willing to seek the position of the Network administrator (role) at Brightlead Technologies ( name of the company), with all comprehensive and guided knowledge of various routers, with more than 2 years of experience in the practical field and meeting all company goals on time.

With the above listed, examples of Career Objective for MBA Graduates  are as follows:

  • Secured a Management degree from a well-recognized university (name), with internship experience at Reynolds (if any). With this, I am immensely equipped to handle all tasks on time, by developing several leadership skills as well as management duties, along with having good marketing knowledge and experience for better organizational outputs.
  • Seeking to apply for the position of manager at MNC (name the company), with a business management degree from a well-recognized institute (name). Intelligent and highly skilled, it is during my internship at Broadway’s ( name the firm, if any) that I recognized I am a team player, who is interested in productivity thereby maintaining service quality.

Therefore, these examples can likely help you in framing the career objective area in specialized fields, thereby making the paragraph highly informative.

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