How can to prepare chemistry in 12th grade using the ncert book?

How can to prepare chemistry in 12th grade using the ncert book? Are you thinking about how to learn chemistry? Do you want to build up your base of chemistry.

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Prepare Chemistry

Are you thinking about how to learn chemistry? Do you want to build up your base of chemistry? To start studying chemistry, it is essential to keep in mind that you have to start preparing in the right way without wasting your time.

In chemistry, you cannot give importance to any particular section. For example, if you give all your focus to the organic part, then you will lose knowledge in the inorganic section. If you want to score well, it is beneficial to focus equally on each part of chemistry. You can follow the class 12 chemistry ncert book.

If you want to know how to prepare chemistry from day one, you can consider the following point. How do you study chemistry to gain a thorough understanding of the subject?

Begin reading:

Before you assume anything about the chapter, it is very essential to start reading the chapter. After going through the lectures of the teachers during the class, it is important that at the end of the day you read the chapter from the very beginning. Reading is not the only factor that can help you understand chemistry. You should read it in such a way that you understand the meaning of each line.


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Now the question is, which book should you read for chemistry? If you start reading the NCERT chemistry book, it will be beneficial for you because chemistry is a subject that needs a strong foundation. Understanding each line of the chapter of the NCERT chemistry book can help you build up a strong idea about chemistry. While reading, if you are finding difficulty in understanding any part of the chapter, do not try to overlook it rather than try to find out its meaning.

Make notes:

Reading the chapter is not only beneficial because you need to find out the important parts of the chapter and write them down. In other words, you need to make notes of the important parts of chemistry. Now the question may arise in your mind: why will you write notes from the book itself? You should write notes because these notes will help you to revise during the examination.

The notes will not only help you during the time of the revision, but they will also help you remember the important parts. It has been shown scientifically that whenever a person writes whatever he or she understands, that part is automatically remembered very well by the person. While creating notes of your own, you write whatever you understand.

This in turn will help you to have a deep idea so that you do not need to muggle up everything. If you want to get a ready-made note from which you can start studying from day one, you will easily get the notes for NCERT chapters.

Keep track of the chemical equation’s notes:

It is important to note that the theoretical part is not the only important thing in chemistry because there are several chemical equations that students need to know to appear for the examination. Hence, it is beneficial to write all the chemical equations from all the chapters separately on a separate copy. Writing the chemical equation will also enhance your practice of dealing with the chemical equation, and these separate notes of the chemical equation will come in handy before the day of the examination.

While revising, if you forget any chemical equation, you can easily get the chemical equation in your copy according to the chapter. The question now is which book you should use to write down the chemical equation. The NCERT chemistry book is the best solution to this problem because it contains all of the important chemical equations that you will need to practice to score well in the chemistry exam.

Prepare the follow-up questions

Reading the chapter and preparing the notes is essential to build up your foundation. After reading and preparing the notes, you should deal with the questions that are present at the end of each chapter. While writing the solutions to the questions, your understanding will automatically be enhanced in no time.

At the end of each chapter in the chemistry book of NCERT, you will find different types of questions that you can solve after gathering knowledge from the chapter. Once you practice writing the solutions to the backside questions of the NCERT book, you automatically prepare for your examination.

You should get rid of the myth that you need to muggle everything up to get good marks. Because once you start solving questions on your own, you get the confidence to deal with other questions too. Start solving the backside questions of NCERT because it will strengthen your idea. After solving all the questions in the NCERT chemistry book, you can now solve the questions of another book to practice more.


If you want to start learning chemistry, then you should immediately get the ncert class 12 chemistry textbook. But taking the advice of an expert can also help you to have a clear understanding of chemistry. Infinity Learn can provide you with expert advice. Learn if you want to strengthen your foundation in chemistry.

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