Pawn Stars Net Worth 2024: Income, Owner’s and Achievements

Pawn Stars is one of the most successful American shows. Pawn Stars Net Worth, Income, Owners, Assets, and many more details can be checked from this page.


Pawn Stars Net Worth

Pawn Stars is one of the most successful American reality television shows, which has achieved numerous accolades and milestones. The show has been aired for a very long time, and it has gained massive popularity all around the world. Pawn Stars is a show based on history and artifacts. Pawn Stars Net Worth, Income, Owners, Assets, and many more details can be checked on this page.

The show first started in 2009, and to date, it has released more than 577 episodes, which is quite exceptional. The show is actually based on a Pawn Shop, which is owned by a certain family. It is the biggest pawnshop in America, and it is situated in Las Vegas. The show is also shot at that place. Also, check Facebook Net Worth.

The shop was founded by Richard Old Man Harrison, who used to handle the show way back in 1989. It is broadcast on History TV, all around the world. The show also became the second most popular show on television just behind Jersey Shore. The crew includes the Harrison family, Rick Harrison, Richard Old Man Harrison, Corey Big Hoss Harrison, and a friend of Corey named Austin Chumlee Russell.

Pawn Stars Net Worth

Pawn Stars is a massive series and it has been running for the last 13 years. During that time, the show achieved some serious success and also managed to mark a name for itself. It is considered one of the most successful shows, In its genre.


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The series as a whole has an estimated net worth of $25 million, which is just an estimate, as they haven’t given any concrete information regarding that. Although, the net worth of the owners of the show is known, which is $8 Million for Richard Old Man Harrison and Rick Harrison, $5 million for Russell, and $4 million for Corey.

Net Worth$25 Million
NamePawn Stars Net Worth
Own ByRick Harrison and his family
Original releaseJuly 19, 2009 –; present
Networks:History, A+E Networks
Pawn Stars Biography
Pawn Stars Biography

Recently, the show has gained even more prominence and success, because of its rising views. It perfectly depicts the interpersonal conflicts between the shop owners and others. This has all mixed to form a very successful show.


Pawn Stars has a very unique beginning. It first came into the mind of Brent Montgomery, who with the help of Colby Gaines started searching for a proper pawnshop in which they would be able to make such a show. Their search began in the year 2008, and very soon they were able to locate one. They found the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, just a few miles away from them. Actually, the owner of the shop, Rich Harrison, was also trying to find a show or something like that for his shop.

History TV has quite a history of creating such programs, and so they went to Nancy Dubac, who is the president of History. She agreed to broadcast the show on her channel. Colby Gaines was from Leftfield Pictures, which later produced the show. They created a very unique storyline, which also includes interpersonal conflicts.

The show gained quite a decent success in the early years and became a worldwide hit. It was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the shop is located. Although, the success of the shop became a boon for the shop itself, as it became a tourist site, rather than a shop. Later, they increased the size of the shop substantially and also hired many new employees. This all led to very successful upcoming years, and they also became the second most popular television show. It has ruined the business of other shows, which were based on the same topic.

Pawn Stars Income
Pawn Stars Income


The show and its owners have received several awards and accolades. It has been at the top of the rating board for a very long time. The show has more than 577 episodes, which is quite a big number. Apart from that, the owner of the shop, Rick Harrison has been awarded the Pawnbroker of the Year award. 17th July was declared as Pawn Stars/Gold and Silver Pawn Day, by the Clark County Commission, for the good works of Rick Harrison and his donations to the Clark County Heritage Museum. The series has also earned several awards like NHL Awards, Stanley Cup, and many more.


In conclusion, we can say that it is one of the most successful television series of all time, in its genre and its type. The show is based on artifacts and things of historical importance. Also, the show is hugely based on Gold and Silver ornaments. These things cost a lot and also have a very high value. The whole idea to bring interpersonal conflicts made the show even more entertaining for the audience.

And at the end, everything they are doing is for the Audience. It has been ranked second just after Jersey Shore. There are many shows like Pawn Stars, but none of them has achieved this much success. Everyone really enjoys the show and its stars.



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