If you have ever envisioned a global accounting career for yourself, you might have heard or read about ACCA. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a leading professional accounting body in today’s world and its qualification holds a lot of value in the business domain

How difficult is it to pass an ACCA exam

Passing an ACCA course can also provide you with a valuable ACCA membership which can amplify your professional credibility in the financial world and enhance your professional network. However, obtaining an ACCA qualification can demand a lot of time, effort, and commitment.

Let’s understand why ACCA exams are considered difficult and how you can simplify your preparation process for ACCA.

How many exams does ACCA have?

Passing the ACCA qualification requires you to complete 14 subject exams catering to different financial and accounting disciplines. Additionally, you need to furnish a minimum work experience of three years and pass a professional ethics module.

Depending on your previous academic qualifications, you might get exemptions for any of the nine Applied Knowledge or Skills papers.

How long does it take to pass ACCA exams?

ACCA gives you a long period of 10 years to complete all the 14 papers, the ethics module, and the required professional experience. Thus, you have enough time to thoroughly prepare for all the exams and ace them.


Why are ACCA exams so difficult?

The thing that makes an ACCA qualification formidable is its comprehensiveness. You might find it even more difficult to prepare for ACCA if you have any of the following predicaments.

  • You are new to accounting: If you are new to the accounting world and did not cover any financial training before, the concepts included in the ACCA curriculum can be difficult for you to understand and comprehend.
  • You are balancing your ACCA preparation with a full-time job: the ACCA curriculum is quite comprehensive and requires your full commitment in terms of time and effort. Your ACCA preparation can be difficult if you are attempting to balance it with a full-time career or other professional obligations.
  • You aim to complete your ACCA exams quickly: If you have given yourself a limited time to pass all ACCA exams instead of the allotted 10 years, it can put additional pressure on your preparation.
  • You don’t have an adequate support network: Your ACCA preparation can be difficult if you don’t have an adequate support system at home or people who can step in for your duties while you focus on your studies.

How can you make your ACCA preparation easier?

The bottom line is that your ACCA exams can be as difficult as you make them. Although the examination has really low pass rates, fully committing yourself to your studies can make it easier to crack the exam on your first attempt.

Enrolling in an ACCA preparatory programme can help you break down the formidable curriculum into manageable parts and simplify your learning process. You also get access to many mock exams and tutoring sessions which can also help you grasp difficult concepts much quicker.

Look for a suitable ACCA preparation course near you today to start your journey towards becoming a certified ACCA accountant.

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