Why is my order taking so long to arrive? Why has my tracking information status not changed yet? When it comes to tracking orders, we hear and run into many customers with questions like these. Here at the tracking number service, we track thousands of orders daily.

By answering the same questions daily, we have decided to put together a guide for you to help you understand how tracking works. If you are someone who eagerly waits for your order and continuously looks at your phone, then keep reading this guide below.

Let us hop into this article now. 

Warehouse Procedure:

When you submit your order, the first step is receiving. The warehouse verifies that they have received the proper order with the correct quantity and in good condition. Then it comes to the put-away and storage stage, where your order is placed into the appropriate storage space. 


Picking is another crucial warehouse step that collects the item and drops them towards packing. Packed items are placed in the sales order, which goes towards shipment to the shoppers. 

Shipping is the last stage of the warehouse from where the journey of goods starts towards the customer. Bear in mind shipping is only considered successful if the proper order is loaded and sorted; otherwise, transit status stays on your tracking.

What’s the estimated delivery time?

Our experts say the estimated standard time of delivery is 2 to 5 business days. However, it may sometimes go late due to unavoidable circumstances like public holidays, distance, extreme weather conditions, and the working hours of the delivery driver. 

Tracking kept showing out for delivery status but still hasn’t reached.

Our team says your tracking shows delivery status when the carrier loads the order on a delivery truck. This status indicates that the driver intends to deliver your order on that day. However, drivers also have working hours legally and experience traffic delays too. 

If the driver reaches the end of his shift and your order is still on the truck, it will return to the same spot where it started. However, if your order is out for more than 3 days, then your order is missing. We suggest you should contact the carrier to help find your order.  

Does my order type vary with the shipment?

Yes, the type of order will change the days of arrival. Simply, your order is divided into two types.

Domestic Orders: 

According to the tracking service, domestic orders won’t take much time and generally arrive within 3 to 7 business days. 

International Orders:

International orders may arrive within 2 to 4 weeks of your order placement. Keep in mind that these orders must pass through the customs office in your country before it goes out for final delivery. Moreover, these procedures may occasionally need additional delays too. 

Why doesn’t it show where the order is?

You don’t need to panic if your tracking information does not show where exactly your order is. It has been seen that mostly the tracking number information begins to show when your order is packed into the box. 

Once the carrier packs your order, the shipping label is printed. Bear in mind your tracking number hasn’t even existed until shipping label software makes a new label. You can check your tracking information. You may receive notifications like a label created or even a blank tracking page that says to check back after some time. 

Your carrier hasn’t picked up your order and scanned it yet. The carrier can take 24 hours to browse and pick up your package. Moreover, if you still can’t find the information, contact your seller and resolve your issue. 

Final Thoughts:

Your order has to go through many steps, like pre-shipment, pre-transit, on its way, in transit, out for delivery, and many more, So you should be persistent in getting your hand on your new brand favorite item.

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