It is apparent that the world has become increasingly connected, and today’s business is international. The growth of the internet has made it possible to reach audiences from far away countries; however, language barriers can limit this reach. For this reason, language translation has become more essential because it paves the way for global interaction. But, there are so many languages, which only makes it challenging to pick the ones to translate into. While English is on top of the list, other essential languages for business are listed in this article.

1. Hindi

About 544 million people speak Urdu and Hindi globally, with 329 million of them being native speakers in India. India is the second-largest populated nation meaning that it has a large workforce. In India, Hindi is the standard language used in official documentation despite the country having a diverse language group. India is an emerging and growing economy; therefore, it plays a significant role as the Indian consumer market is significantly increasing.

India is diverse in agriculture, art, and culture. Furthermore, it is a growing consumer market with a developing manufacturing sector. Despite English being popular in India, 85% of the population are not fluent. So, suppose you want to trade with the Indian economy or expand your business. In that case, you have to translate your online content to Hindi, which you can do using professional Hindi to English translation services.

2. Mandarin

Besides English, Mandarin is said to be the language of future business. About 14.4% of the global population are Mandarin native speakers. China has about 1 billion people, with most of them speaking Mandarin. With so many people speaking Mandarin, it is a significant business language to translate, mainly because English is not generally spoken in China.


Moreover, in the last few decades, the Chinese economy has undergone astounding growth, making it the world’s second-biggest economy after the United States. The supremacy in the global economy makes mandarin an obvious source of business opportunities. As the Chinese continue to spread their businesses worldwide, it is obvious that China is a significant consumer to numerous firms.

3. Arabic

Arabic is another helpful language in business today. It is crucial to consider Arabic as a language to translate into for business as it will give your business entry into the Middle East. Over 295 million people worldwide speak Arabic, and it is an official language in 27 countries, including Israel, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it has a fast-growing market, making it a significant global business player.

Also, the internet is gaining ground in the Middle East. With most of the population only speaking Arabic, it is crucial to translate and use transcription in your online audio transcription content to make it understandable to Arabic speakers. The audio transcription services use captions to show what the speaker in a video is saying to help people who have problems with foreign accents understand the content.

4. Russian

Russian is one of the United Nation’s official languages. This makes Russian a significant language for trade, diplomacy, and international relations. Russia is a big country in terms of total square miles with plenty of natural resources, appealing to businesses. There are 250 million Russian speakers globally, making it the 8th most popular language in the world. It is spoken in six countries, including Russia, as an official language. Furthermore, Moscow is home to the largest billionaire population in the world. Therefore, translating into Russian is significant for international business prospects.

5. French

There are only about 75 million French native speakers in the world. However, 190 million people speak French as a second language, with 212 million using it daily. In the meantime, French speakers are increasing by the day in Africa. There are 4,600 French companies doing business in the US, and the French economy holds position six in the world. French is the fourth most spoken language in the US by about 1.3 million people.

For example, in Louisiana, 3.5% of the population speak French at home, and the language is used as an administrative language by the state of Louisiana. New Brunswick and Quebec also have French as an official language.

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