Recently, many people have been wondering how to improve memory. They begin to create their methods based on ancient civilizations’ knowledge in search of an answer. At one time, the thinkers of Ancient Greece achieved excellent results in this area, including creating the Method of Loci. Many scientists used this method to memorize long speeches and their works at one time. During the Middle Ages, this method was almost wholly lost, and only now is it beginning to return and become famous.

How to use the method of Loci?

What is the method of Loci? It is a unique way to improve memory, created back in the 80s BC. When there was no paper and no easy way to record data, thinkers needed to find a way to remember vast amounts of information. It was then that the method of Loci was created. It suggests that some location is being built in the human mind to put the necessary data.

This method is also well known as the memory palace or the mind chambers of Sherlock Holmes. It aims to teach a person to control the state of his or her memory independently. So, an ordinary person cannot decide what data to store in long-term memory, what information can be remembered, and what, on the contrary, can be deleted as unnecessary.

The Method of Loci example is to imagine the house you live in or grew up in, the place where you spend most of your time. It does not have to be something big, but it is better to give preference to a place you know well; you can build various extensions in the future.


Imagine in your mind the building you have chosen. Next, decide what information you need to remember. For the first time, it should be something minor:

  • Date of Birth;
  • Address;
  • Email password;
  • Your phone number and so on.

Place this data on your hallway nightstand or closet. Further, the next time you enter this building inside your mind, you can look into this nightstand and remember the information you need. You can clean up this house and remove everything unnecessary in the future.

We can find the method of Loci example in cinema and literature. This topic has been widely discussed in the past few years, and it is used by various memorization masters, including World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen.

Who Can Master The Method Of Loci?

Today, anyone can master this technique, regardless of their level of memory and who they work with. The main thing is to believe in the plan’s success and not stop training.

The easiest and most reliable way to master the method of Loci is to use the memoryOS mobile app. It is an excellent solution for those who want to use a proven technique and get good results.

memoryOS has proven its effectiveness for different return groups, which means anyone can train, from a child to a pensioner. However, it is worth noting that the older the person, the more time you need to devote to training. It is because, with age, a person’s ability to memorize becomes slightly worse.

The creators of memoryOS suggest exercising for 20-30 minutes a day. It is vital that the training is regular, without days off and holidays. Otherwise, it may slow down progress. However, practice shows that a good result becomes noticeable after a few weeks.

To make your workouts as effective as possible, it is better to use the application when you have nothing to do, and you can be completely focused on building the mind palace. If someone distracts you and you cannot concentrate, you will unlikely succeed. Some researchers advise exercising before bed. At this time, that area of ​​​​the brain responsible for imagination is activated in a person, which is why we see such vivid and beautiful dreams. If you can’t imagine the castle as accurately as possible, try to do it before bed.

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