Like Nastya Net Worth is $260 Million US Dollars. Like Nastya is a Russian YouTuber. The real name of Like Nastya is Anastasia Radzinskaya. She and her parents run several YouTube channels for children, including Like Nastya, Like Nastya Vlog. Like Nastya’s net worth has seen a growth rate of 850% over the past two years.

Like Nastya channel is the fifth most-viewed channel on YouTube and the seventh most-subscribed channel on YouTube as well. Like Nastya wealth comes from its advertising revenue on YouTube and also brand endorsement deals through its channel. Also Read Cocomelon Net Worth.

What is Like Nastya Net Worth?

Latest Net Worth$260 Million
Youtube Income$80 Million
Origin CountryRussia
No of Employees5
Total Annual Income$109 Million
Assets$60 Million
Liabilities & Loans$13 Million
Like Nastya Net Worth Summary

Like Nastya YouTube Stats:

Total Video uploads686 Videos
Video views78.8 Billion +
Last 30 Days views2.5 Billion +
Estimated Monthly earnings$400000 +
Estimated Yearly earnings$5 Million +

Exclusives about Like Nastya

Favorite Cartoon CharacterPopeye
Favorite ColourYellow
Favorite DishNuggets
Favorite ActorTom Holland
Favorite CharacterCaptain America
Favorite MusicTaylor Swift

Like Nastya Annual Income

2021$109 Million USD
2020$86 Million USD
2019$20 Million USD
2018$4 Million USD
2017$1 Million USD
2016$300,000 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YouTube income of Like Nastya?

Like Nastya earns $80 Million USD through YouTube Ad revenues each year.

What is the real name of Like Nastya?

The real name of Like Nastya is Anastasia Radzinskaya.

How much does Like Nastya make a year?

Like Nastya earns over $109 Million each year.

More about Like Nastya

Like Nastya was born in Krasnodar Krai, Southern Russia. Misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, her doctors feared she might never be able to speak. Read Jake Paul Net Worth.


Like Nastya mother Anna Radzinskaya had a bridal salon in Krasnodar which, according to her, made about 300 thousand Russian rubles per month.

Like Nastya net worth youtube income(1)

Like Nastya father Sergey Radzinskij had a construction company with 20 workers, which was more profitable, but less stable.

In 2015 Nastya’s parents sold their companies, and in January 2016, they created the Like Nastya channel on YouTube.

Later Like Nastya and her family moved from Krasnodar Krai, Russia, to Miami, Florida in the United States.

Like Nastya’s parents signed with multi-channel network Yoola. The videos are created by Anastasia, her two parents and two video editors.

Altogether, Like Nastya channels make her the biggest children’s YouTuber in the world and the most popular children’s videoblogger on YouTube in terms of total views and subscribers, and Like Nastya is the third-largest children’s YouTuber in the world by subscribers alone.

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