As of 2024, The American YouTube channel Cocomelon’s net worth is estimated to be $790 Million. This is based on their average views and engagement metrics, as well as CPM (cost per mille) rates for children’s content. Jay Jeon is the founder of Cocomelon. Cocomelon is an American YouTube channel and streaming media show acquired by the British company Moonbug Entertainment and maintained by the American company Treasure Studio. Cocomelon is the most-viewed YouTube channel in the United States and the second most-viewed channel in the world. 

Cocomelon is also the second most-subscribed channel in the world. The majority of Cocomelon’s revenue comes from ads displayed on their YouTube channel. With over 130 million subscribers and billions of views per month, they earn a significant amount from ad impressions. Cocomelon specializes in 3D animation videos of both traditional nursery rhymes and their own original children’s songs. Also, Read T-Series Net Worth.

What is Cocomelon Net Worth?

Current Net Worth$790 Million
Youtube Income$170 Million
FounderJay Jeon
No of Employees23
Total Annual Income$202 Million
Assets$140 Million
Liabilities & Loans$50 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth

Cocomelon was involved in the Riyadh Season 2021 show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the companies Spacetoon Event and Moonbug Entertainment collaborated with the Saudi General Entertainment Authority to bring Cocomelon Town into the show for 3 months. Cocomelon has mastered the art of YouTube SEO and optimization, which helps their videos rank higher in search results.

Jay Jeon Car Collection

Jay Jeon (Founder of Cocomelon) has recently purchased a BMW X5 for $80,000 USD. Jay Jeon also owns a Mercedes-Benz C-Class worth more than $60,000 USD USD. Few other cars owned by Jay Jeon are below. See Like Nastya Net Worth.

Car NameCar Price
Lamborghini Urus$600,000 USD
Lexus GX$160,000 USD
McLaren GT$800,000 USD
Ferrari 812$950,000 USD

Income Source


Cocomelon has multiple revenue streams in addition to YouTube advertising. These include:

  • YouTube Premium: Viewers who subscribe to YouTube Premium can watch videos ad-free, and a portion of that subscription fee goes to the channel creators they watch.
  • Merchandise: Cocomelon sells a wide range of merchandise, including toys, clothing, and bedding.
  • Streaming services: Cocomelon content is available on subscription streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Live shows: Cocomelon has toured with live shows in the past.
  • Licensing: Cocomelon has licensed its content to other companies for use in products and experiences.

Cocomelon is a very profitable company. With its multiple revenue streams and large audience, it is estimated that Cocomelon generates tens of millions of dollars in profit per year.

Cocomelon Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2024$790 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2023$725 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2022$660 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2021$600 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2020$540 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2019$480 Million
Jay Jeon Cocomelon

Founded on September 1, 2006, by Jay Jeon, a Korean-American father of two living in Southern California, Cocomelon, initially known as “Checkgate”, emerged as a YouTube channel created by Jeon. Designed to share educational and entertaining videos for your sons. ,

In its early stages, the channel primarily featured animated nursery rhymes and children’s songs, featuring Jean’s voice and animation. As time progressed, Cocomelon gained widespread popularity and attracted millions of viewers globally.

In 2013, the channel underwent a revamp and was rebranded as “ABC Kid TV”, expanding its content to include original songs, educational videos, and live-action segments. Experiencing rapid growth, by 2018, it had secured its position as the most-viewed YouTube channel worldwide.

An important year, 2018 marked the channel’s transformation into “Cocomelon” with a fresh, contemporary animation style. Maintaining its momentum, Cocomelon is today one of the most loved YouTube channels globally, with over 156 million subscribers and an impressive 147 billion views. Must Read Taylor Swift Net Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cocomelon’s net worth?

Cocomelon net worth is estimated to be $790 million as of 2024.

What is the YouTube income of Cocomelon channel?

Cocomelon earns $65 Million through YouTube Ad revenues each year.

What is the net worth of Jay Jeon?

Jay Jeon's personal net worth is $139 Million US Dollars.

How much does Cocomelon earn per Video?

Cocomelon channel per video earn $2.5 million.

How does Cocomelon make money?

YouTube advertising, Merchandise sales, Streaming deals.

Who owns Cocomelon?

Cocomelon is owned by Moonbug Entertainment, a British media company.

Who created Cocomelon?

Cocomelon was created by Jay Jeon, a Korean-American entrepreneur.


Cocomelon Balance Sheet

Assets:$5 Million +
Business Income:$5 Million +
Other Income:$10 Million +
Loans & Liabilities:$10 Million +
Annual Expense:$6.5 Million +
Taxes Paid:$4.5 Million +

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