Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016 (2nd Rank)

Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016 (2nd Rank). Interview of Piyush R. Lohia - CA Final 2nd Ranker Nov 2016. Meet Piyush R. Lohia.

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CA Final Second Ranker Nov 2016 Piyush Ramesh Lohia Marksheet

Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016 (2nd Rank).Interview of Piyush R. Lohia – CA Final 2ndRankerNov 2016.Meet Piyush R. Lohia All India Rank 2ndCA Final Nov 2016 who belongs from Bhiwandi.ReadInterview ofCA Final TopperNov 2016 – Piyush R. Lohia.Read CA Final Nov 2016 Toppers Interview. CA Final Topper Nov 2016 – Piyush R. Lohia Interview. Hi Friends RecentlyCA Final ResultNov 2016 is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CA Final Toppers Nov 2016. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CA Final Nov 2016 2ndRanker Piyush R. Lohia. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016 (2nd Rank)

Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016 (2nd Rank)

Interview with Piyush R. Lohia CA Final Topper Nov 2016

Q. How does it feel to be at the top?

A. Being at the top makes you feel contended. Clearing the exam makes you feel victorious but raking up as a topper gives you immense delectation and satisfaction. Chartered Accountancy is one of the most valued professions in our country and accomplishing it with a rank makes you feel ecstatic. It is a reward to all your determined efforts that were put in right from the inception of the course. The happiness is difficult to jolt down but nevertheless, it’s just the beginning, a start to a long journey.

Q. According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in the final exam.


A. Three years of articleship curriculum is a challenging phase of our CA Course. It is the blend of the intrinsic and external factors which has landed me up to this position while undergoing the above phase. According to me, perseverance, sticking to study plans, constant selfevaluation through Institute’s various study materials and conceptual understanding were the intrinsic factors which attributed to my success. As far as external factors are concerned guidance from professors, seniors, colleagues were the major contributors along with constant support and motivation from family, relatives and friends created a positive aura which helped to achieve my dream.

Q. What strategy/study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam?

A. Considering the enormous volume of our CA-Final Course, planning out the syllabus effectively was the pre requisite but adhering to the plans obediently was the vital game plan. Initially, I made a plan covering all the Topics and Chapters of all subjects to be covered during my final term of 3 years. As the time progressed, I kept updating my plans as per the requirements. During the 4 month time period of study leave, my study pattern was based on that one day which you get before the exam day so as to set the priorities amongst the Topics and determine the time allocation accordingly. It goes without saying that the preparation has to start from day one by studying regularly and applying your knowledge in your practical articleship as that is the best way of learning.

Q. How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?

A. The Institute’s study materials played a key role. Referring past RTPs (at least 5) and suggested answers gives you a glimpse of the type of questions that might be asked and what the Institute expects as an answer. Study material for practical subjects is must, which provides you an in-depth understanding of the concepts with plethora of examples to practice. It is sad to see that the pronouncements of accounting and auditing standards as provided by the Institute are normally neglected by the students, which helps to develop a better understanding of the standard and also ability to interpret legal texts. On the front of some subjects like Strategic Financial Management, I believe that the course material needs to get updated in light of new products and concrete developments made in the financial markets.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?

A. Right now, the opportunity cost of selecting an option is very high. I’d definitely like to drive my career into consulting or front end investment banking as that has always an area of interest to me. I’d like to take guidance from my seniors to build the career in the rightful direction.

Q. Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?

A. Chartered Accountancy, along with a gateway, is a meteoric roadmap to achieve and attain the professional excellency. When it comes to the conventional and fundamental areas of accounting, auditing and taxation, the Chartered Accountancy course is considered to be of a supreme stature, with a blend of rightful combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. But given the pace at which the global and Indian economic environment is changing, the course needs to be in harmony with the new developments as newly emerging areas of forensic auditing, career in financial markets, international taxation requires a different skill set apart from the regular curriculum of ICAI.

Q. How would you motivate the youngsters joining this course?

A. Chartered Accountancy is not as tough as the society portrays. It requires immense hard work, planning, management skills, perseverance as mentioned above and an ability to handle stress. It doesn’t need a high aptitude to accomplish; it just needs the right attitude to conquer. According to me, Intelligence should not be the parameter of selecting this course, rather, your determination to learn matters. It is a challenging course, there’s no denying to it, but a worthy course if one is willing to exploit their own potential.

Marksheet of CA Final 2nd Ranker Piyush R. Lohia Nov 2016

CA Final Second Ranker Nov 2016 Piyush Ramesh Lohia Marksheet

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