How to Earn online 2021: If you can’t cut your expenses, increase your income. This ‘Guess’ watch is of 15K while this Fastrack’ one is of 5K. The heart is set on the first one, but the pockets are authorizing only the second one. What to do now? Instead of settling for the second one or burdening your entire budget after buying the first one, there comes a third option of earning that extra 10K!

Ways to Earn online in 2021

Now, the other question which comes up now is How to earn that extra 10K? Well, the answer to this question can be answered by you only! It will depend on your specific situation, time availability, your interests, your skills and other factors. But, let me introduce you to some good options –check out more details for how to earn online from below.

1. Freelancing:

A Freelancer is a person who is self – employed. Unlike other employed people who have bosses, they are a boss of their own. They offer services to other clients, mostly more than one at a time. This work can be searched online and involves giving quotations. You submit your budget and how much time you will need. The person who has posted the freelancing job advertisement will get quotations from a lot of people. Then, he can choose the best feasible option for the work.

The kind of work can be simply any kind of work! From proof reading books to building programs, you can find the work you like! And to start this, the only thing you need is a high speed internet connection!


A few websites where you can find Freelancing work are:

  2. Preply (Online tutoring & teaching jobs)

Increase your income

2. Selling Products Online:

Know anyone who sells products at Amazon? Then, why can’t you become one? If you have skills of making any craft or any art, from candles or diyas to sculptures, then this is the thing for you! Once you have decided to take this work, prepare an inventory list and set the prices. You can choose the website you like.

it can be on a huge website like or a small portal like Once you receive an order from a customer from these websites, pack your products and keep them ready for the logistics partner to pick it up and deliver it. You will receive the payment in five to seven days. Also, the reviews you get from a happy customer will make you satisfied.

3. Online Tutoring:

If you are an expert of any subject or you love teaching, you can earn by tutoring people online! You can register on websites like BharatTutors,, MyPrivateTutor and start teaching. Just create your profile, upload all your credentials and you are all set to go! In this way, you can live your hobby and also earn few bucks!

4. Making YouTube Videos:

From doing make up to getting ready, draping a saree to cooking delicacies and in case of boys, from doing your hair to uploading videos as a standup comedian, there is an entire open universe for you! All you need is a little self – confidence and a good video recorder, so that your video pixel quality is good. Just decide your topic and make sure that it excites you! If it excites you, it will definitely excite a lot of people. You need to make a YouTube Channel, which is similar to making a blog. As the number of followers start increasing, you will start getting more advertisements and you will start earning more and more!

5. Share Trading:

If you have got some money that you can invest, then you can get good returns from the Share Bazaar! Just make sure, you don’t invest blindly or start intra-day trading initially for short term profits. Do some good research before you put your funds in and then you can be positive to get good returns!

These are just a few options; there can be a lot of other opportunities which you can find out for yourselves. So, don’t cut down your desires, just postpone them till you earn the extra bucks!


I am Ridhi Rajendra Dhoot, a Chartered Accountant and a Licentiate Company Secretary based in Nagpur. I love to motivate others, teach, read and write! You can reach out to me at

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