First Step to Enter in Market by A CA Students. In this article CAknowledge Provide all details for How to enter in Market (Share Market and Commodity Market). By Using this article you can understand basic details of Share market like Derails for BSE, NSE etc. Now you can scroll down below n check more details for “First Step to Enter in Market by A CA Students”

“Stock Markets are Like Women  Volatile, Unexpected, Unwarranted, Enter at Own Risk Each Has their own Experience”

First Step to Enter in Market by A CA Students

First Step to Enter in Market by A CA Students

Being A CA Student I am Always Interested In Money market related Matters likewise me Many are there if You are reading this You might be one of these.

First of all I here by clarify the definition of CA Student – (Qualified Group 1 of IPCC or Both Or Final Aspirant),I consider Myself in 3rd Category of above said.


WELL, let us Address the Elephant —We hear different names Like Sensex, Nifty, Bull, Bear, recessation…in our day to day life due to our news channels and Papers. As a Student We always Wanted Know what the thing is going on there and what is the real meaning of Those SACRED words….Here We Go

First of all to measure Indian Economy and Wealth of Our Markets Indices are SENSEX And Nifty.These Two are the measuring sticks of wealth in Indian Markets which are operated by BSE, NSE.

Sensex Is operated by BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE


And What About the Points there??  the next question that run in your mind. Yes those r calculated on basis of investments and securities bought & sold. Since the money Flow is in Lakhs Of Crores, for a reasonable understanding the flows r measured by points.

I Can give U Formulaes For Calculation But it wont help You in Any manner but to create Confusion.So there So many gentlemen Who gave too Much their Life To calculate Them like MARCOWITZ,Shark.etc..

Now lets take a Brief Look How To enter In to Market ..

Market doesn’t mean any MORE or Reliance Fresh.But the Great Mothers Husband of  all Markets – Money Market.

1. Things Which Are traded in the Market are

  • Shares – Which U hear everyday
  • Derivatives – Some may have Heard but Many What Exactly(Many Includes people who r already in Market Also)
  • Bonds – (I don’t mean 007,but these are contracts)
  • Commodities – (Gold,Silver,Platinum and other things—For your kind info here Contracts Are Sold not above said items as RAW or Articles soo Dont Google for Stylish Items to wear)

2. These Can Be purchased In two Ways one in Physical Way or Dematerialised Way. (Its Not some alien Code Dematerialised Means through Computer in short it is called as D-MAT)

Lets Discuss A Bit About purchasing Through Computer

*First u Need to Have a D-MAT Account With a Broker.(broker Means sharekhan,BMR Securities,Edwelisis,Any nationalised Bank can give you a DMAT Account)

*By operating through DMAT Account you can purchase or sell shares.(Off course you must have balance)

*Considering the Balance Matter à here any broker in INDIA gives chance of hedging More than our balance.

(Let me clarify another Sacred Chant i used – Hedging means to take risk.In an example manner if u have 2000 in your account –if your broker gives you 4 times hedging then you can buy and sell upto 8000/-**terms and conditions apply**as Usual)

*this hedging Offer valid Only One from opening of market to closing off market ..If you are in profit then its ok if you are in loss then you must pay the amount other than in your bank with in Specific time as per Broker u open Account…

So thats the Very Basic Things About Markets..Hope Its usefull to extent ..Any Mistakes And Feedback is Whole-heartedly Accepted. This is just First One still to come in continuation …Picture abhi Bakhi Hai Mera Dosth..

Thank You

With best Regards Sai Kiran .V

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