5 Ways To Make Money With Print On Demand

As the economic landscape shifts and costs rise, more people turn to entrepreneurship. However, keep in mind quick financial success isn't guaranteed.


Make Money With Print On Demand

As the economic landscape shifts and costs rise, more people turn to entrepreneurship. However, keep in mind quick financial success isn’t guaranteed in all business ventures.

Print-on-demand, or POD, is a business process that has become a popular e-commerce model. In contrast to some traditional manufacturing models, which often involve larger batches of inventory, print-on-demand typically employs digital printing technologies to produce customized products for each order efficiently.

Print-on-demand offers aspiring entrepreneurs and designers a profitable way to earn from their creativity without the high upfront costs of mass production. By leveraging POD suppliers and marketplaces, you may have the opportunity to generate full-time or supplementary income through mediums like t-shirt designs, phone cases, home decor items, and much more.

The Essentials of Print-On-Demand Success

  1. Building Your Brand

First, pinpoint your niche in the expansive POD market. Thorough research helps you narrow down specific target demographics to tailor branding and designs. Observe existing print on demand businesses to understand how the model operates.


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Once you have a brand identity, establish it through logo design, color scheme choices, and branding across channels like websites, product listings, and social media. Invest in high-quality lifestyle photography and mockups to accurately convey your products to customers before ordering.

  1. Designing for Print

Creating products is what makes print-on-demand enjoyable for many business owners. But it’s more challenging than it sounds. You need to be intimately acquainted with production specifications for the products you offer upfront since dimensions, materials used, and printing methods vary widely.

To turn your concepts into polished designs, think about using vector-based tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. You can also reference successful print-on-demand businesses to gather inspiration on winning product ideas and design elements.

  1. Selecting Your POD Platform

After finalizing your brand and your products, next on the agenda is finding a POD platform to partner with. A POD supplier handles the brunt of manufacturing and shipping orders. Compare big players like Printful and Printify on factors like item variety, order turnaround times, and e-commerce store integration tools that align with your business aspirations. With that, you can begin uploading your product offerings and wait for your first order.


Ways To Make Money With POD

  1. Selling on Your Own Website

Running your shop on your own website lets you control the full customer experience while keeping more profit. Connect your e-commerce platform to your POD supplier seamlessly so orders flow straight to production. Attract buyers through SEO optimization, email lists, social promotion, and smart digital advertising.

  1. Selling on Marketplaces

You still have other options if you’re not ready to set up your own website. Explore the bustling marketplaces of Etsy and Redbubble, where your unique designs can reach millions. Craft compelling product listings, optimize them for marketplace SEO, and consider paid promotions to enhance visibility among the millions of shoppers on these marketplaces. Factors like customer reviews and competition also significantly impact your product’s visibility.

  1. Dropshipping With Print-On-Demand

A personal website and marketplaces aren’t the only venues where you can sell your products. Dropshipping is another viable choice. Here, you offer your POD items as a ‘white label’ product and let another retailer sell them under their own branding. You earn profits per sale in exchange for anonymously fulfilling the orders your partner companies generate.

  1. Creating POD Products for Events or Businesses

A print-on-demand business allows you to create custom merchandise around specific events, brand activations, or corporate functions through cold outreach and partnership cultivation. Create tailored products for specific events like conferences, fundraisers, and college events to capitalize on these occasions’ unique needs and heightened engagement.

  1. POD as a Creative Outlet

The low barriers to entry make print-on-demand the perfect vehicle for independent artists, graphic designers, and creators to profit from passion projects. Upload original designs onto phone cases, apparel, home goods, and other products to share with supportive community followers across channels like Instagram and YouTube. This income can also support further artistic endeavors.

Scaling Your POD Business

Your print-on-demand business will grow with perseverance, so you’ll have to scale up eventually. You can do that by regularly assessing sales data, customer sentiment, and emerging trends to optimize the product catalog to drive repeat purchase rates.

Consider expanding your range within the capabilities of your POD platform. For instance, explore new apparel types or home goods. Tailor your branding and marketing initiatives to resonate with the specific audiences for these new products.

While you’re at it, automate admin tasks through email sequences, retargeting ads, and personalized recommendations. As order volumes increase, it’ll free up bandwidth to focus on high-level growth strategies.


Print-on-demand makes creating a commerce business simpler by handling logistics. With minimal investment, ample online real estate, and turnkey manufacturing, virtually anyone can explore and grow a profitable print-on-demand venture.

Just find an untapped niche, focus intently on branding it, design hot-selling products, get them up on platforms optimized for sales, and keep working hard. Print-on-demand income streams can become a reality with some hustle and savvy strategy.


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