GST Suvidha Provider, How to Become GSP, Eligibility, How to Enrol?

GST Suvidha Provider, How to Become GSP, Eligibility, How to Enrol?. Check GST GSP Registration Procedure, The GST System is going to have a G2B portal.


GSP, GST Suvidha Provider

GST Suvidha Provider, How to Become GSP, Eligibility, How to Enrol?. Check GST GSP Registration Procedure,The GST System is going to have a G2B portal for taxpayers to access the GST Systems, however, that would not be the only way for interacting with the GST system as the taxpayer via his choice of third party applications, which will provide all user interfaces and convenience via desktop, mobile, other interfaces, will be able to interact with the GST system.

The third party applications will connect with GST system via secure GST System APIs. All such applications are expected to be developed by third party service providers who have been given a generic name, GST Suvidha Provider or GSP. The GSPs are envisaged to provide innovative and convenient methods to taxpayers and other stakeholders in interacting with the GST Systems from registration of entity to uploading of invoice details to filing of returns.

Thus there will be two sets of interactions, one between the App user and the GSP and the second between the GSP and the GST System. It is envisaged that App provider and GSP could be the same entity. Another version could where data in required format directly goes to GSP-GST Server. The diagram below gives the most generic case. Now check more details forGST Suvidha Provider from below…..

GST Suvidha Provider, How to Become GSP

Q:1 Who can become GSPs?

The organisations and entities who are expected to sign up as GSPs are visualised to be as under:


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Please Visit: Eligibility Criteria for GSPs.pdf (For Batch 1) and 2ndEligibility Criteria for GSPs.pdf (For Batch 2)

  • Registered companies in India in the IT / ITES / BFSI domain.
  • The prospective applicant for GSP will need to meet a pre-qualification criteria for GSPs.
  • GSPs who meet the pre-qualification criteria will sign a contract with GSTN to become an authorised GSP.
  • This draft contract has the following content:
    • Definitions, responsibilities of GSPs and their legal obligations as well as liabilities.
    • Technical architectural framework as to how GSPs shall integrate with GST System.
    • Commercial terms and conditions along with SLAs to be met.

(On signing of the contract, GSPs will get a unique license key for accessing the GST system. GSPs will be authenticated using this license key (Client id + Client Secret) provided by GSTN. GSP will have a provision to generate multiple License keys as per its need.)

Registration for GSPs : Batch 2

Registration for the next batch of GSPs has now been opened. The eligibility criteria has been published on this website at 2ndEligibility_Criteria_for_GSPs.pdf. Applicants who wish to register for partnering with GSTN as a GSP may submit their details on our website Registration for GSPs : Batch2. The registration process will be open till 5 May 2017. Subsequent steps shall be intimated to those who register by the due date.

Please Note: Those who had registered earlier in January and October 2016 will need to register again afresh. Earlier registrations will not be considered.

Check Out for Online Registration for GSP

EligibilityCriteria For GSPs

  1. Click Here to download GSP Eligibility Criteria 2017

Q:2 How can GSPs add value to the Indirect Tax Payers in the GST regime?

  • GSPs can facilitate the tax payers in uploading invoices as well as filing of returns and act as a single stop shop for GST related services.
  • GSPs can customize products that address the needs of different segment of users.

Q:3 Can the GSPs bill the tax payers?

  • Yes, the GSPs are free to charge the tax payers depending on the services they offer to the tax payers.
  • Agreements between tax payers and GSPs shall be decided by them exclusively. GSTN will not have any lien on them.

Q:4 Will the GSPs have a commercial arrangement with GSTN?

  • GSPs will need to conform to GST system technical interface and integration requirements.
  • Details of agreements with GSTN will be included in an MoU to be signed between GSPs and GSTN.

Q:5 Can GSPs determine their billing plan independently?

  • Yes, this would be left entirely to the GSPs. GSTN does not intend to have any restrictions on this. To be competitive, GSPs anyway would have to be pragmatic in their pricing.

Q:6 What are the SLAs for GSTN operationally to support GSPs?

Ans: It would be defined in one of the annexure of agreement.

Q:7 What are the legal compliance and fee involved to become a GSP

Ans: Please Visit:Agreement GSP legal standard draft.pdf

Q:8 What are the SLAs from STQC/third party auditors to validate the GSP services

Ans:The GSP applications will have to go through STQC / authorized agency audit process. The compliance requirements will be to standards of security, business continuity and processes e.g. ITIL, ITSM, etc. The requirements of audit will be made available prior to the audit process so that applications can abide by the required standards during their development process.As an indicator, ISO 24001 standard compliance practices should be taken as reference.

Q:9 Will a taxpayer be allowed to be registered with multiple GSPs?

Ans:Yes, if the taxpayer desires so, it would be possible to choose a set of services from one GSP and the rest from other GSPs e.g. tax payer can choose one GSP for registration and another for returns filing.

Q:10 Is a data Centre in India must for a GSP?

Yes, For detail please visitGSP Implementation Framework

While GSP may offer his services to tax payers from anywhere and any data center, while connecting to GST System, GSP will connect from an entity based in India only.

Q:11 How will Tax payers know the list of GSPs available to consume their services? Will GSTN have any strategy to help tax payers identify their GSPs?

  • The list of authorized GSPs and their services portfolio would be published on GSTN portal.
  • A communication strategy will be evolved where tax payers would continuously be updated on existing GSPs, de-listed GSPs or new enlisting GSPs.

Q:12 What benefits would a Tax payer see to consume the GSPs application, when GSTN provides the portal to perform all processes?

Ans:Currently GST System is providing one GSTIN, one userid. GSP can create innovative solution to solve this use case

Q:13 Will taxpayers having multiple branches/locations and requirement to consolidate data and central approval (role of GSP to facilitate the same) be able to login from different sites or not?

Ans: Yes, GSP can provide such solutions to Tax payers.

Q:14 What will be the role of Tax return preparers (TRPs) in return generation and submission (and resultant work flow management)?

  • Tax return preparers (Tax professionals/TRP) are going to facilitate taxpayers in preparing and filing their monthly, quarterly and annual returns.
  • These Tax professionals/TRP may provide the facilities and services directly to tax payers by accessing the GST System.
  • Alternately, TRPs may also subscribe to services of GSP or Application Providers, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by the GSPs or Application Providers. For example Application Provider would include “Tax Accounting Software Providers” or Companies provider Invoice generation/reconciliation as a service etc.

Q:15 What will be the flexibility for taxpayer to choose his ASP-GSP combination and on a dynamic basis Operational issues (Continuous upload, usage of OTP, requirement for multiple DSC users, Tokens etc.)?

  • The tax payer is free to choose his Application Providers and / or GSP irrespective and independent to the other.

Q:16 Will an agreement be signed between GSPs and GSTN?

  • Yes, an agreement will be signed between GSTN and the GSPs.

Q:17 Will the contents (SLAs) of agreement be discussed and deliberated with all potential GSPs?

  • Standardized SLAs will be built into the agreement to be met by the GSPs.

Q:18 What is the number of GSPs proposed to be boarded by GSTN?

  • The number is not fixed but is not expected to be too large. To start with, a handful of GSPs are expected to be on boarded by GSTN.

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