Writing an essay has been a difficult task for the students. Most students simply write an essay and fail to qualify for the test or contest.

Essay writing is an assessment of your analytical thinking in written form. So, if you are going to write an essay, you should break down the topic into manageable parts. Your approach should be analytical towards the topic because in an essay you address the question. write my essay for me is helping many students in essay writing.

Simple and Effective Ways to Write an Essay

If you are worried about essay writing then this blog will help you. You have to follow the instructions which I am going to describe to you.

Think about the question of the essay

Every essay has a question. You should analyze the question with focus. Go through the question many times and build an approach toward the question. Make sure about your answer. If you observe an essay topic that needs facts and figures then make a list of them.

Brainstorm your outline


When you are sure that you have grasped the question then make an outline relevant to your answer. Your online should be specific.

The purpose of outlining is to organize your ideas in good form. An outline is the foundation of your essay because when you write an essay, the reader understands your answer according to that outline. Sometimes, the checker or reader only judges your answer by reading your outline. So, be careful while outlining.

The thesis statement is the most important thing

A thesis statement is the main point of your essay. The thesis statement describes the main idea of your essay. You should write both topics of the essay and the point of the essay in the thesis statement. Most thesis statements are written in a complex sentence.

For example, your topic is “energy crises have bad impact on overall country’s economy”

You write the thesis statement in such a way “energy crises are no doubt an alarming issue of the country and the country’s economy is in trouble. If we don’t focus on this issue, the country could face bankruptcy.

You observe you write the topic with your point. When the reader will read your point, he can easily understand your point of view about the topic. He or she can examine your thoughts about the topic.

Main parts of an essay

There are the following main parts of the essay you should follow if you want to write an impressive essay.

  • Introduction
  • body
  • conclusion


In the introduction, you introduce the topic of the essay. You have to write the theme of the essay. You write the additional information about the essay so a reader can easily understand the person has some quality information about the topic of the essay.


In the body of the essay, you write your all arguments. It tells the reader you have jotted down all your ideas in sequence. You have to write the body according to the outline.

You should write your thoughts in simple paragraph form. If you start a paragraph, for example on global warming, then you have to talk only about global warming. In that paragraph you could add some other things than global warming.


At the end of the essay, you write the conclusion of your answer. Conclusion encompasses the whole essay in a single paragraph. Your conclusion should be very specific and to the point.

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