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Domestic Violence: Have you recently been accused of domestic violence? Even if the accusation seems groundless, you must take it seriously.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Have you recently been accused of domestic violence? Even if the accusation seems groundless, you must take it seriously. One of the problems with the legal system is that there is a slight bias towards the victim. Even if there’s no concrete proof, the charge can be used against you if you don’t have a strong defence. Here are some reasons you should hire a lawyer if you’re in this situation.

The Consequences are Serious

It’s important that you fight the charge and clear your name. There are serious penalties that you may have to deal with. This includes jail time, fines, a restraining order, and probation. It may even affect your employment situation.

You do not want to take the charge lightly. Finding the lawyer should be the first thing you do if you are being charged. You need an experienced domestic violence lawyer that knows how to deal with these kinds of cases.

You’re Treated as Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Sadly, both law enforcement and the courts treat the accused as guilty until proven innocent. You may be made to feel like a criminal that has broken the law even when you’ve done nothing wrong. This can make you feel like the odds are against you as you’re quickly put in a compromising situation.


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Domestic Violence

You need a lawyer that’s going to be on your side and fight for you. It’s important that you know about your rights. It’s easy to make mistakes in how you deal with your case if you’re made to feel guilty. These mistakes can end up hurting you later, so you want the help of a legal professional to guide you in the right direction.

It Can Lead to a Broken Family Situation

If you share a child with a partner, you may lose either custody or visitation rights depending on the situation you are in. The biggest tragedy is not being able to see your child because of false or overblown domestic violence accusations. The courts usually side with the victim, so you have to get serious about defending yourself.

Don’t put things to chance by hiring a regular criminal defence lawyer. Go with a domestic violence lawyer that focuses on defending clients from false charges. It’ll be even better if you can find a lawyer that deals with family court situations as well.

Get the Restrictions Lifted

While you’re waiting for the court dates, you may be served restraining orders. This may result in you getting kicked out of your home and being blocked from seeing your child. It may mean that you may not get access to essential things for your business or employment. Your valuables may be given away or sold.

domestic violence lawyer

The pre-court process can last several months, so you want a lawyer that’s going to help you remove these orders, especially if there’s no basis for them. An experienced lawyer knows that a hearing can be requested in response to restraining orders and orders of protection. You want to get in contact with a good lawyer so that you’re not put in this costly and compromising situation.

Negotiate with the Accuser

Sometimes, things shouldn’t progress to the courts. A good lawyer will try to come up with the best solution for the situation you are in. The lawyer may be able to negotiate a deal with the accuser, especially if the accuser does not have much evidence to build the case on.

If the situation looks bad for you, the lawyer will try to figure out the next best solution. It may be better to negotiate a plea bargain to a lesser offence. This can help you avoid the consequences and stigma of a domestic violence conviction. Of course, a good lawyer will explain all the legal implications of going with a plea.

The bottom line is that you should take domestic violence charges seriously. Don’t think that you can’t ignore it because there’s a lack of evidence. The sad reality is that there are many consequences of being accused even when you haven’t even been convicted. That’s why you want to look for a defence domestic violence lawyer as soon as you’re charged.


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