CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers (Old and New Course)

CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers New Syllabus. ICSI Announced  OMR Based Examination in Three Subjects Of The CS Executive Programme.

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CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers

CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers New Syllabus. ICSI Announced OMR Based Examination in Three Subjects of the CS Executive Programme (OLD SYLLABUS – 2012 AND NEW SYLLABUS – 2017). Recently We are Provided Check CS Students Exam Enrollment Status .Three Subjects are Covers in This Examination (i) Cost and Management Accounting ( Module-I), (ii) Tax Laws and Practice (Module-I), iii) Industrial, Labour and General Laws (Module-II)We are Providing All Details for CS Executive OMR Bases Examination so Now You can Scroll Down Below andcheck more details for “CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers”

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CS Executive OMR Based Examination Three Papers New Syllabus

1. The Institute has been conducting OMR based Examination in the following three subjects of the CS Executive Programme (Old Syllabus – 2012) with effect from December, 2014 session of Examination:

Subjects Module
Cost and Management AccountingI
Tax Laws and PracticeII
Industrial, Labour and General LawsIII


2. Hitherto, the Institute has been conducting descriptive mode of examination for all subjects/papers of Executive Programme (New Syllabus – 2017). However, the Council of the Institute has decided to conduct OMR based examination for the following three subjects of the CS Executive Programme (New Syllabus – 2017) with effect from December, 2019 session of examination:

Subjects Module
Tax Laws I
Corporate and Management Accounting II
Financial and Strategic ManagementIII

3. In the above subjects, candidates’ knowledge, competency and proficiency would be examined through objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) under OMR mode of examination. However, in the following remaining four subjects of Executive Programme, (Old Syllabus – 2012) and five subjects of Executive Programme (New Syllabus – 2017), candidates would continue to be examined through descriptive mode of examination:

Executive Programme (Old Syllabus -2012)Executive Programme (New Syllabus -2019)
Company LawJurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws
Economic and Commercial LawsCompany Law
Company Accounts and Auditing PracticesSetting up of Business Entities and Closure
Capital Markets and Securities LawsSecurities Laws and Capital Markets
Economic, Business and Commercia Laws

4. In OMR based examination, each paper shall be of three hours duration having 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of one mark each. The questions shall be of average, above average and difficult level covering the entire syllabus. In case, the syllabus of any paper is divided into different Parts, i.e., Part – A, Part – B, etc., requisite number of questions shall be asked from the respective Part corresponding to the weightage of marks as prescribed in the syllabus.

5. Each question shall contain four answer options and the candidate shall be required to select one option as his/her correct answer and mark in the OMR answer sheet by darkening the respective circle with blue/black ball point pen.

6. Negative marks shall be applied for wrong answers attempted by the candidates in the ratio of 1: 4, i.e. deduction of one (1) mark for every four (4) wrong answers or proportion thereof, i.e., 0.25 mark for each wrong answer and total marks obtained by the candidates in such papers would be rounded up to next whole number. Further, the negative marks per paper would be limited to the extent of marks secured for correct answers so that no candidate shall secure less than zero mark in the above subjects.

7. Question paper booklets for the OMR based examination in respect of the following subjects/papers shall be provided in English language only :

Executive Programme (Old Syllabus -2012)Executive Programme (New Syllabus -2019)
Cost and Management AccountingTax Laws
Tax Laws and PracticeCorporate and Management Accounting
Financial and Strategic Management

However, candidates of Module II of Executive Programme (Old Syllabus – 2012) who opt for writing the examination in Hindi medium shall be provided question paper booklet of Industrial, Labour and General Laws (Module-II) paper in English along with its Hindi version. However, OMR Answer sheets for all the subjects would be provided in English language only.

8. Previous sessions question papers of OMR based examination in the respect of the three subjects of Executive Programme (Old Syllabus) are available on the website of the Institute for the reference of the students. Detailed instructions for appearing in OMR based examination would be hosted on the website of the Institute as well as published in the Student Company Secretary e-journal and provided along with the e-Admit Card of the candidates.

Important :-

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  1. Hello sir,
    i m cs executive student…
    Is there is any exemption on mcq subject or not?? I.e. if we score 60 in mcq subject …we will get exemption in dat subject or not

  2. Hi frds i want to know that i hv registerd for cs in 2014 now i want to giv june 17 exective exam what about my subjcts can you give me detail ans

  3. If we fail in one subject of one module n in tht module only if exemption marks if we get then no need of writing again that fail subject rite …..we have cleared that module if we get exemption marks n aggregate sir plz clear my doubt
    Procedure of module clearing exam Plz say the details n marks How much to get in each sub n aggregate including exemption limit plz do reply

  4. Hello, i just want to know that if i appear only module 1 in june and module 2 in december and i fail in december in 1 subject. Do i need to appear for module 1 again in june of next year???

  5. Hi sir , I have one doubts if we fail in 1 subject in model 2 , but we pass in model 1.next time we attend both model or only model 2. Plz tell me

  6. Hi sir, I am registering CS executive model 1&2 . But one of my friend told, we are fail in one subject in model 1 . Next time we write full model subject . Is it true , please tell me

  7. I am not understanding this that ICSI gives option to select hindi medium then why don’t they are not giving examination paper in both language. They should have given examination paper in both language. Coz in any field we can see the examination paper is giving in both language.
    Please sought this out.
    this is a very big problem for us.
    Please look at the matter asap.
    and do something!!!

      • Thank you for taking a look to the matter
        please take a step ahead asap
        coz it is connected to so many students future
        I am also preparing for june atmp
        shud I give
        or waiting for the change.

    • Yeah right bhavy ojha…….really its very big problem…….how to totally siwchover from Hindi to English….???and I clear 1st module by oldsallybus also..I m totally confused…….. I m house wife also…..sooo how can I totally give exams in English????


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