25 Company Swag Ideas People Love – A Detailed List

25 Company Swag Ideas People Love: Business swag is something that can improve your appearance and reputation at work.

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Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Nisswa Throw

25 Company Swag Ideas People Love: Business swag is something that can improve your appearance and reputation at work. In fact, company swag can make you feel good, more confident, and give you that professional look during the day.

Whether you want to impress your employees, coworkers, or colleagues, you’re in the right place. Discover the items you should know about coming from the best swag stores. Let’s go through the best 25 high-end swag ideas and the merchandise ideas for events made to impress.

Timbuk2 Contender Laptop Backpack – $149.00

The contender laptop is one of the unique swag ideas.It’s beautiful, practical, and convenient. It will impress everyone from clients, coworkers, and friends too. The main compartment is organized which makes the entire experience unique.

Timbuk2 Contender Laptop Backpack

Baron Fig Confidant Hardcover Notebook Flagship – $18.00

This notebook is like no other and is definitely one of the best promotional giveaways. Its price is attractive, and so is its design. Also, the high-quality paper makes it even a better product to consider.


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MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Bottle 23oz – $29.95

This insulated bottle from MiiR is a stunning item to help friends and coworkers to remain hydrated while decorating their desk. We also think it’s one of the greatest swag ideas for customers since it looks professional and can keep drink cold for 24 hours and warm for 12.

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle – $149.95

Whether your clients or employees like tea of coffee, this electric kettle is the perfect accessory to keep at home or on their desk. It’s beautiful, it is premium and is certainly one of the best swag items 2020. To conclude, that’s the swag product your clients are looking for.

Corkcicle Classic Stemless Wine Cup 12oz – $24.95

This cup from Corkcicle was originally designed to pour wine, however, it is much more than that and be used for anything. Great for drinking water, soda, and, in fact, wine and champagne, it’s one of the unique swag ideas for corporate events.

LARQ Bottle Granite White 17oz – $95.00

If you’re looking for a premium bottle with premium features, this is the one. The LARQ bottle cleans itself with an internal laser but also cleans your water before drinking it. Its design is incredibly beautiful and professional which makes it one of the high-end swag ideas to consider.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Nisswa Throw – $150.00

Faribault Woolen Mill knows how to create beautiful swag items to please everyone, and this one is no exception. Available in Forest Green or Admiral Blue and made with high-quality virgin wool, it’s definitely some of the swag ideas for customers that will give the wow factor.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Nisswa Throw

Powerstick Mosaic – $113.00

The Mosaic from Powerstick is a great external battery for all your devices but it’s also an external storage, and its swag design certainly takes the experience to the next level. Up to 7 devices can get connected to it wirelessly in order to access photos, videos, or music.

Parkland Lookout Large – $39.99

The Parkland duffel bag is not only of the best swag ideas for customers but also for corporate events and family and friends. It looks premium, it won’t break the bank, and it certainly is a great accessory to take on a business trip.

Kiko Leather Dopp Kit – $110.00

The leather pouch from Kiko takes the toiletry bag idea to the next level. It’s premium, will make everyone look professional, and was made with premium leather. The elegance that it can provide can certainly give some serious swag on a business trip or on vacation.

Flight 001 Bliss Beanie – $25.00

The beanie from Flight 001 is available in pink and in grey, and will make everyone happy. While it doesn’t break the bank, it definitely is one of the best giveaway ideas for businesses.

Tile Pro Series – $34.99

The Tile Pro is a Bluetooth tracker that will help you find your folders, your wallet, and anything else you can think of. Equipped with a convenient 400ft range, it is useful at the office, to find keys at home, and even not to forget things at the gym.

Arc’teryx Men’s Atom LT Hoody – $259.00

If your coworkers or employees live in a cold place, this hoody from Arc’teryx is one of the unique swag ideas to consider. It’s light, looks good, and has synthetic insulated midlayers to keep them warm in any situation.

Standard Baggu – $12.00

The Standard bag from Baggu will not only be convenient and nice to take around, but will also give the wow factor to everyone, with its endless design choices. It’s one of the best promotional giveaways for clients, customers, friends, and coworkers.

Native Union NIGHT Cable – $34.99

The NIGHT cable is 10-foot long, has a unique look, is indestructible, and has a weighted knot to keep your device on a desk and not to drop it. Its reasonable price makes it one of the giveaway ideas for businesses to consider in corporate events or birthdays.

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earbuds – $149.95

With its 15-hour battery life, its resistance to water and sweat, and its unique and gorgeous design, the wireless earbuds from Beats are some of the high-end swag ideas to consider. The sound is clear and powerful and it’s the perfect item to use at the office or at the gym.

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup 12oz – $24.95

The insulated camp cup is one of the most unique swag ideas to consider. It is elegant, it keeps drinks hot for hours and cold for many more, and it has a convenient lid. To sum up, it’s beautiful, practical, and would match any desk and interior.

WandP Design Carry On Cocktail Kit – $24.00

The Carry on cocktail kit is not only a great way to celebrate a deal while on a business trip but also to relax when you had a challenging day. For a reasonable price, you can get one of the best giveaway ideas for businesses to strengthen your working relationship with a nice product.

Modern Sprout Tapered Tumbler Grow Kit Mint – $25.00

The mint grow kit in the beautiful tumbler from Modern Sprout is a great way to show appreciation to clients and employees with swag. Also, everyone will like it due to the gorgeous smell and they’ll be able to prepare delicious mint tea.

Reborn Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Pack – $33.00

If your clients, coworkers, or friends are the type of people that have frequent challenging days, this coffee pack from Reborn Coffee is the right item for them. It comes in a premium package and will definitely help them keep their swag during the day.

Sony XB01 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $29.99

The powerful Bluetooth speaker from Sony is versatile and can be used at the office for business meetings but also to the beach on vacation or at home with your family. Also, it’s available in different colors and will certainly promote your company.

Powerstick PocketCloud 16 GB – $85.00

This second product of this list from Powerstick has a compact and elegant design, allows users to wirelessly connect to it and to access all their files. Of course, it will also give your employees or friends some serious swag throughout the day.

Kika’s Treats Salted Nutty Caramels – $18.00

For everyone in need of a sweet addition to their day, these salted caramels from Kika’s Treats are some of the best things you can get them. You can also advertise them as best promotional giveaways in corporate events and that’s certainly going to please your audience.

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