Perhaps you’d like to get your CDL but don’t want to spend the rest of your life driving across the country. That’s perfectly OK! Because of all the ways to make money in trucking, getting your CDL is a great start toward a good salary. When you’re done driving from state to state, there are a variety of other CDL-related careers that could be a good next step.

While not all of these vocations are directly tied to driving, they are all connected to the transportation business in some way. You’ll discover that your trucking and driving skills can be used in a variety of jobs. With a CDL license, you can work in 5 types of jobs that are listed below:-

1. Truck Driver Training Instructor

For existing truck drivers, becoming a CDL Truck Driving Instructor can be a very fulfilling career choice. It allows you to put your driving skills to good use by teaching the future generation of truck drivers. CDL Instructors can make a good living depending on their experience and location.

2. Shourt-Haul Cargo Driver  

If you want a shorter driving window, such as 12 hours or less, then being a short-haul driver is for you. Instead of driving outside of your country’s boundaries, you can drive across it. Short-haul drivers make an average of $48K per year. Although this is less than long-haul truckers, the advantage of being closer to home is significant.

3. Delivery Truck Driver


If you want to make a significant impact on the American business community, becoming a delivery truck driver is a terrific method to do so. Consider how packages and items are delivered across the country from suppliers to customers; in many cases, delivery truck drivers are involved.

When someone buys anything from Amazon or Walmart, or even a local mom-and-pop shop, they frequently rely on truck drivers to convey their goods. The expected pay range for these CDL jobs is between $30,000 and $35,000. This will be determined by your location as well as your previous work experience.

4. Dispatcher

A dispatcher is a person who talks with a truck driver by radio transmission in a nutshell. You don’t have to drive a truck to get a CDL! If you’ve been driving trucks for years and want to try something new, or simply aren’t interested in CDL driver jobs, you still have a lot of possibilities with your commercial drivers’ license. Dispatcher positions allow you to use your CDL without having to take a regular truck driver job.

The dispatcher is often in charge of tracking trucks and equipment as they move, as well as acting as a link between truck drivers and carriers. They’re also in charge of assisting the driver in resolving any concerns that may arise during their journey. The estimated income range for this CDL job is between $40,000 and $45,000, depending on your area and previous work experience.

5. Bus driver

A bus driver’s job is easy and they have to safely transport people from one location to another. You can also drive school buses, office buses, mall busses, or hospital buses if you have a CDL license with you. You could also drive chartered buses or sightseeing trips for a firm. $30,950 is the average annual pay for a bus driver.

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