It’s the ‘Game’ not the ‘Race’ !!! Article for CMA Exams Failures

CMA Results have been announced in the previous month. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to those who have successfully completed it.

Raju Choudhary

CMA Exams Failures

CMA Results for the June 2020 examinations have been announced on Tomorrow. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to those who have successfully completed it. Kudos!! However, here, I have something for rest of my friends who is yet to clear this journey. check more details for It’s the ‘Game’…. not the ‘Race’ !!! – Article for CMA Exams Failures

It’s the ‘Game’…. not the ‘Race’ !!! – Article for CMA Exams Failures

Disheartened, discouraged, probably lost are some of the feelings that have already started clouding your mind, haven’t they? Thinking about not touching those books again? Or probably don’t want to pursue anything ahead in life, at all? Well, you are not wrong, but, let me tell you, you are not right either. Like any other thing, this too shall pass. Till that time, all you need to do is, stop exaggerating about your results, no matter how horrible they were. Have that most needed break and take that most desired rest. After some days, yes, I repeat, after some days, you will be back in the game again, with more energy and more determination, this time. Trust me, should not this be the case, you would not have been reading it, this far.

But before you start again, I would request you all, to assess your as on date strength and weaknesses. What is the barrier between you and your desired results? Is it technical or psychological? I believe technical aspects can be taken care by change in required study materials, improvising methodologies and consistent practices. We also have got the best institute and faculties to help us to sail through. But, then there are psychological weaknesses. It has got something more to it than they appear. Yes, these are mainly in our subconscious mind, that most of us hardly even care to acknowledge it.

Ever had, fear of increasing number of attempts? Or, let us say, running out of the race?


Number of your attempt is one of the important things and not the only thing. In fact, see this as an opportunity to strengthen your conceptual knowledge. I am sure none of us would like to sound like a silencer from the movie ‘3 idiots’, recollecting something? Good.

Next is the fear of running out of the race. I believe it is the by-product of the above fear. Not passing in first couple of attempts? Who is going to hire you? Dude, how will you survive? You are nowhere in this world now? Know that, it is not exactly the case and sadly, life does not end there.

It is all imaginary in our mind or best put, in other’s. That’s not what we do? What others are thinking matters us a lot? We are so casual in our dealing with others, that we allow their thoughts to creep in our mind, easily. If that is the case with you too, please do read good books, cultivate positive thoughts, have inspiring friends and surround yourself with the people who have been game changers in their life. Shrug off that unwanted burden of doubts and fears that you carry unconsciously, unknowingly. You don’t have to be part of any rat race.

It is not the ‘Race’, it is the ‘Game’. Participate in it, play it, maintain your own pace and soon you will not only enjoy it but will start to own it, too.

Similarly, own your fears and work on it because no fear of failure can ever be bigger than the regret. Go, take that chance again, have that job you want or do your own practice and if by any chance you decide to go entrepreneurial, wow, what could be the best scenario than to decide the best profitable product for your company, on your own?

Don’t forget – failures have ruled this world.

Best wishes!!

Author – CMA Kinjal Joshi

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