Business Blog Tips: Company websites have come a long way since the first brave businesses embraced the internet. Business-to-Business companies are joining their Business-to-Consumer counterparts online. Even the smallest companies have multiple pages on their site to show off products, provide contact information and post educational blogs. To get the most out of your company’s blog, you will want to do more than just post relevant content. You want to post consistently about topics your clients are interested in.

Understand How Blogs Affect Marketing

Blog posts are one of the ways you can optimize your website for content marketing and keyword searches. Your company’s search engine optimization relies on the relationship between relevant content, streamlined navigation, and optimized landing pages. For instance, if you run a retail business in a heavy tourist area, you can rank on the results page for planning that type of cruise when you post a travel blog about Alaska cruise stops in your area.

Digital marketing and SEO rely primarily on how relevant, authoritative and valid search engine algorithms find your website to be. You can research popular keywords and internet searches relevant to your company and even investigate the first few listings to discover what kind of information, voice and visuals each one employs. This research can improve your rankings and help you find new ideas for blog posts.

Rethink the FAQ Page

Having a quick reference page for the most frequently asked questions is an excellent way to ensure your customers can find the answers they are looking for. That page can also inspire blog posts going into more detail or providing more examples than you have space for in your FAQ section. You can even link the longer blog post under the quick answer, and vice versa, to further engage with your target audience.

Work With Influencers and Guest Bloggers


Writing every blog entry yourself can become tedious quickly, and content farms can be outside your price range if you are not already working with a digital marketing or Search Engine Optimization firm. Guest bloggers and influencers can be a quick and effective solution, especially if you collaborate with a business partner and establish some backlinks between your sites. For example, if you specialize in selling or repairing dress shoes, you can work with a suit shop to write blogs for each other’s sites for fresh post ideas and cross-advertising. 

Blog Consistently

Consistent blogging keeps your website relevant to both the search engine algorithms and your target audience. Blogs with few and infrequent updates can quickly grow stale and become outdated as technology and market forces fluctuate. Set up a newsletter subscription list to notify readers of your weekly posts, and share a link to your social media to keep followers thinking about your company. Some website content tools allow you to upload multiple blogs at once but publish them on a consistent schedule. These tools help cover times when your company is too busy to write a weekly blog and for times when you have the inspiration to write on several different topics.

Consistent blogging is as much about the voice and length of the posts as it is about their timing. The tone for your posts, even those from guest bloggers, should be consistent with your company’s culture. For instance, running a business committed to sustainability and posting a blog discouraging recycling can be jarring for your audience and turn customers away. Likewise, readers familiar with blogs under a thousand words may click away from one with over ten thousand words. Remember that humans are inherently creatures of habit and will gravitate towards familiar topics and post lengths.

While the biggest business blog tip you can receive is to start one, it is essential to keep marketing strategies, consistency and your target audience in mind when updating your posts. Researching relevant keywords and looking up frequent internet searches in your line of work are excellent ways to generate blog ideas while increasing your SEO and search results rankings.

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