Sexual Assault Lawyer: If you have been charged with sexual assault, the time is now to seek out a lawyer.

Unfortunately, too many individuals drag on their search for an attorney because of the lawyer’s perceived high costs. Ultimately, they delay their search for too long or wait for a public defender to support them, leaving them in a bad situation for their case.

Therefore, understanding how much a sexual assault lawyer will cost is paramount, so if the situation arises, individuals can know what to expect.

This guide will explain the factors that affect the price of a sexual assault lawyer and the average price for hiring one.

Sexual Assault Lawyer
Sexual Assault Lawyer

Factors That Affect The Price


Multiple factors can affect the cost of hiring a sexual assault lawyer. We have listed the most common factors below:

  • Experience – The more experienced the attorney, the more likely they will require a higher rate. Experience in law matters, so therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you have to pay a little more for someone that knows how to handle sexual assault cases.
  • Their Success Rate – Similar to the experience factor above, the more successful a lawyer, the more they will charge for their services. Consider Dunlap Law, who has a 97% success rate in the courts of Alberta, Canada. That’s ultimately down to the fact that results matter in severe sexual offence cases, so if you want to win, you gotta pay for the best in the business.
  • The Additional Help Required – Remember that you’re not just paying for the lawyer themself, but all the support they need to aid your case. We’re referring to legal aids, paralegals, associates and more. You will need to build a strong defence for your case, and that can’t be done by one person alone.
  • Evidence Collection & Support – Your case might require that an expert witness, such as a psychologist, therapist or other experts, comes out to support your case. Likewise, with the collection of evidence itself through the use of testing and detective work. All this will be added to the cost of your case.
  • Location of the Case – It’s natural that big city lawyers are going to cost more than rural lawyers, as they are serving a wide area and because living and operating in a city is more costly. You might consider where your case is taking place when it comes to deciding which lawyer is best for you, as it will impact your final cost.
  • Their Billing Process – Lawyers operate through different billing processes, such as flat fee, hourly rate, contingency and retainer fees, and even referrals. How they charge will impact your initial outlay and the total cost, particularly if the case drags on.
  • Complexity of the Case – Your case might not be as straightforward as predicted, which might require extra work on the lawyer’s part to handle it. The more difficult and complex your case is, the more it will likely cost, as extra work will be required for it.

How Much Do Sexual Lawyers Charge?

There are no hard facts to determine a lawyer’s cost, as it varies on the above factors coming together. You’ll also have to talk to your lawyer directly to get an estimate for the case.

As a guide (and after some research), here is an estimate of what a sexual assault lawyer might charge for their services:

  • In small towns, attorneys might charge $100-$200 per hour
  • Big city lawyers are almost double that with the average being $200-$400 per hour
  • Specialized lawyers – which might be the case for sexual assault – could charge $500-$1,000 per hour

The cost of the lawyer will certainly factor into your decision, but remember that cheaper does not equal better. Consider lawyers that are worth their experience and value, so you can get the best defence for your case.

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