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Have you been charged with a crime that you didn't commit? Do you feel the charges are unfair? If so, it time to Contact a Criminal Lawyer.

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When Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer

When Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer?: Have you been charged with a crime that you didn’t commit? Do you feel the charges are unfair? If so, it could be time to hire a criminal defence lawyer to assist you.

But that’s not the only time you should be hiring an attorney. We have five situations where its best to contact a lawyer.

You know you’re innocent.

There is nothing worse than being accused of something that you didn’t do – especially when it can result in punishments or severe jail time. If you know you are innocent of the crime you have been charged with, then get a criminal defence lawyer to support you right away.

Whether through poor police investigating, a mix-up in the process or outright accusations, you can defend yourself by hiring an attorney to support your defence claims. You’ll have a professional legal advisor that can help develop a foundation for your defence and ensure that you do not end up in jail or suffer punishment for a crime you didn’t commit.


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You don’t know if you are the subject of an investigation.

It’s always scary when a police officer knocks on your door to ask questions about a crime. Are they asking to get information, or are they trying to get you to admit something? It can be a nerve-racking and tense situation.

As a precaution, it is best if you look towards speaking to a criminal lawyer. That way, you’re guarded if anything does come up against you.

When Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer?

When Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer

You’ve messed up and need support.

You might have messed up with a drink-driving accident or committed a felony that you didn’t even know you committed. Rather than risk being charged and playing catch-up, you can go to a criminal lawyer and get their advice on what you can do next.

That way, if something does arise in the future (police do not have to tell you that they’re investigating you legally), you already got support in place by visiting your lawyer.

You don’t know your options

For those experiencing charges for the first time, it can be difficult to gauge your options. Do you have any options, or will you be sent right to jail? Do you have to go to court, or is there hope for something better?

A criminal lawyer can help you assess your case and provide you with options, that in most cases, you didn’t know you had. You might be able to appeal your case or discover that you could experience a lesser sentence. The lawyer can even find out that the prosecution doesn’t have any legal means to charge you. There’s a lot that can happen, and you didn’t know it could without a criminal lawyer’s experience and support.

You don’t know what you’re up against

Seasoned criminals or people who have experienced dealing with the law know the stresses that come with managing the police and the courts. For those that don’t, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. One misspoke word can make the difference in a court battle or meeting with the police.

That’s why, if this is an entirely new experience for you, it’s best to have the support that comes with having a criminal defence lawyer supporting you. It can make a massive difference to your case, but most importantly, how you manage the pressures that come with it.

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