Car accidents can happen on any road and at any time. Even if you are the most careful driver and drive by the traffic rules, you cannot expect others on the road to have the same sense. Sometimes, it’s not even the fault of the driver. The weather, excavation work, and other circumstances can create a car accident. So, what to do when you are a vehicle accident victim in the middle of the road? See what you must do before calling your car accident lawyer.

Check if Anyone’s Hurt

Before everything else, you must check if you are hurt or if anyone else is. If you are travelling with others, look for their safety first, then check if you have hurt anyone else on the road. After you have ensured that everyone’s safe, you have to move to the next step.

Protect the Accident Area

You have to protect the accident area. That is because you need the evidence to present to the police and your insurance company. If the place gets tampered with by others, you will not be able to show the exact things that happened there. Ask others’ help to protect the scene until the police arrive.

Opt for Medical Attention

If you or anyone has been injured at the scene, you must call for medical help. If you are in the USA, calling 911 can help you with both police and medical help. You must make sure to call for medical attention because any small injury can result in permanent damage. So, try not to avoid this step.

Contact the Police


You have to call the police immediately. That is because only a police officer can detect the area, inspect the severity and then take the necessary steps. When the police arrive, you must note down the person’s name, contact, and badge number. If the police do not arrive, you can contact an injury lawyer and ask for a report copy.

Collect the Records of the Incident

Tell them everything you have witnessed when the police arrive at the scene. Talk about your injuries, guesses, and other things. Try to answer the questions the police ask. You must try to give accurate information about the accident.

Take Some Pictures

It would help if you took some pictures of the accident. Take some snaps of the car damage, if there are any injuries. Show the photos to the police, which will be important when you claim insurance recovery. It would be best if you tried to snap the pictures as soon as possible before the police arrive and more people on the road get involved.

Call a Tow Truck

In a car accident, the vehicle gets damaged, and driving that car is not recommended. So, you need to call a tow truck. However, the police may contact the truck, and some car manufacturing companies can help. Always remember that the tow truck will not automatically arrive at the incident area, so you must have some information about such services.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have recorded the accident scene, taken pictures of the car and physical damage, and reported it to the police or the law enforcement office, it’s time to call your insurance company. You must know that getting money from these companies can sometimes be tough. So, you may need to call an injury lawyer to make the case easy.

Maintain a File

Gather the accident-related information together to show it to the police and your lawyer. If you have noted the name and badge number of the police officer in the accident section, add that as valuable information. That is because the officer can give accurate details of the situation when required.

Call Your Lawyer

To protect your rights, you must contact your lawyer. An advocate can check the evidence of the accident and can protect your legal rights after that. If you are injured, the car is damaged too. A car accident lawyer can handle the case for you and provide you with the things you deserve. You will be compensated for the damages, even if the insurance company or your employer denies your rights.

A car accident can be fatal, so you must be on your guard and take the necessary steps. If you cannot protect your rights, it’s important to take legal help by contacting a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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