There are various types of private investigators. These professionals work in different fields. Some specialize in one type of investigation, while others are more generalist. There are legal/criminal defence investigators, corporate investigators, loss prevention investigators, and computer forensics. Some even specialize in the field of insurance fraud, while other types specialize in a specific area of law.

In addition to the different types of investigations, private investigators may also conduct surveillance at any time. This includes performing background investigations in corporate databases and land registry records. Working undercover requires that the investigator remain undetected and discreet. This method is often used in the case of child custody disputes. Other forms of surveillance may be physical or electronic. In a criminal defence case, surveillance might involve observing a person or collecting discarded items.

Different Types of Private Investigators

PIs are employed by legal professionals to uncover the truth in a case. They may perform surveillance of a claimant or gather evidence of fraudulent activity. They may also use social media sites to collect information. Some private investigators perform skip-traces by looking up information online or on paper documents. Depending on the scope of their investigation, they may even spy on the subject. Regardless of the field, private investigators are often hired to track the movements of a person, and they may monitor their activities.

Another type of investigation that private investigators handle is obtaining evidence. Some of these investigators conduct surveillance to obtain information. For example, a mystery shopper may be hired to prevent shoplifters. In the legal field, this service is vital for catching employees or vendors who are hiding money. A trial preparation investigator may be hired for a court-ordered investigation. This service is necessary for criminal defence cases.


Many private investigators are licensed to do any type of investigation. Some specialize in certain types of work. A private detective, for example, can investigate an accident. A criminal detective, on the other hand, will look for evidence. If a person has been arrested, the investigator is responsible for helping them to find the culprit. The PI will investigate the crime and get the right information. If a suspect is involved in a legal case, the person will be taken into custody.

The most common type of private investigator is spies. These individuals collect evidence to help people in legal proceedings. For instance, a detective can follow a suspect. A private investigator can also work undercover for law enforcement. Some types of private investigators focus on a single type of case. While there are many types of private investigators, it is best to contact a licensed professional if you need help.

Some private investigators specialize in particular areas of investigation. For example, they specialize in forensics. They use the same investigative techniques as a forensics investigator, but they may have different ways of collecting evidence. For instance, a forensics investigator will examine a case. A lawyer will use this information to help you get the truth. If a lawyer needs a PI to conduct a criminal investigation, he or she will hire a PI.

The most common type of private investigator is a detective. This is the kind of investigator who works for a particular client. These professionals are hired for specific tasks. Some of them specialize in the legal field, while others specialize in other areas. A criminal defence investigator, for instance, will investigate a case of insurance fraud. These professionals will often be able to collect evidence from social media sites. The most common types of private investigators are listed below.

The main types of private investigators are classified as primary, general, and special. They collect information for different kinds of clients. For instance, a primary private investigator will investigate a specific type of case. A general investigator is a private citizen hired to locate missing family members. They may also work for businesses to gather financial information. A general-purpose private investigator will use traditional investigative techniques, while specialized ones will use a forensics program.

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