TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome, and it happens when there’s an issue with the alignment of the mandible joint where it connects to the skull. This can lead to a lot of pain, especially while chewing or talking, and it can even cause the jaw to seize up, especially after sleeping. Some people’s TMJ will unlock on its own after a while, whereas some people have their jaws locked for days or weeks at a time. There are a lot of injuries that can cause TMJ, and therefore people who are suffering from this syndrome may be entitled to monetary compensation because of it.

If you’re Canadian and live in or around the area, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer to go over the options you have available to you. These injuries could be caused by dental procedures that went wrong, automobile accidents, falls, and myriad other scenarios where you end up the victim. In all of these cases, you should be entitled to a settlement, though you will only receive it with the assistance of an attorney.

Things a TMJ Lawyer Can Provide for You

personal injury lawyer TMJ

An Assessment of the Situation

The first thing a TMJ lawyer is going to provide for you is a very honest assessment of the situation. Since all accident attorneys are paid based on receiving a percentage of your settlement, you can know for certain that they’re fighting for you and are going to do everything necessary to ensure that you have a strong case that will bring about a monetary settlement. So the first thing they’ll do is assess your case on its merits and tell you whether or not you have any hope of settling a claim. They do this by looking into the situation and scenario that led to your TMJ and decide whether it’s someone else’s negligence that caused it.

A Route to Seek Recompense

A lawyer is also going to provide you with a route to take to receive your due compensation. Let’s say you were injured a few years ago, which led to the TMJ. You’ve been living with it for a while now, and you’re finally sick of it and so you’re looking to take some course of action. So you decide to see whether or not the party/parties responsible for the injury are in any way liable. This is what a good personal injury lawyer is there for. They’re going to provide you with the road map you need to navigate through and finally reach a destination. This is likely something you cannot do without a lawyer.

An Accurate Settlement


As you may already be aware, if someone’s insurance company is contacted, like a dentist’s insurance, and they learn about you pursuing damages because of negligence, one thing they may quickly do is offer you a small sum in hopes you’ll get wide, googly eyes and jump at the chance to have some money. This is where a TMJ lawyer can help. Instead of taking the first thing offered, a good lawyer is going to ensure that you’re pursuing the matter to get as much as you can. Because if they’re willing to pay anything at all, that’s them admitting that you have a case. A lawyer is going to help you pursue this case and get a lot more out of it.

TMJ Lawyer

Peace of Mind

Perhaps best of all, a good TMJ lawyer is going to help you get peace of mind over the whole situation. Having TMJ can be very scary and also very damaging. Some people with this condition cannot eat solid foods, cannot speak properly, and live in constant pain. Imagine a toothache that never goes away; this is some people’s experience with TMJ. By having a good lawyer in your corner, you know that this syndrome will be taken care of, along with funds for pain and suffering, so there’s suddenly a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just remember that if you got TMJ through any sort of injury, you have every right to contact legal counsel and to mount a case seeking monetary rewards. If that is your desire, consider visiting with Edwards Injury Law Office.


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