Why you need a Travel Insurance?, When travelling abroad, it is important for a traveller to get a travel insurance. This can help the travellers safeguard themselves from the unknown dangers during travel. Buying travel insurance to safeguard against financial and medical risk is a great strategy. It is very beneficial for frequent travellers or traveller going abroad. However, if someone is not a regular traveller, it does not make much sense to buy a travel insurance. Since, it is neither cost effective nor necessary. now check more details about “Why you Need a Travel Insurance?” from below…..

Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance can help save money. Travel insurance is good for medical expenses or other unexpected disasters like flight crash, luggage loss or damage.
  • The main aim of travel insurance is to protect from unforeseen travel issues that may be encountered by the traveller.
  • Travel insurance can be purchased anytime while booking a trip.The insurance can also be used in other trips as well.
  • The commuter can also add on additional policies to improve the reach of their cover. There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause someone to cancel the trip.
  • Sometimes traveller can return home early or require emergency medical treatment while traveling. In these situation travel insurance is beneficial.

Travel Insurance has other subcategories like:

Evacuation Insurance: In case there is an emergency the traveller need to be evacuated for medical assistance. These insurance covers the cost of taking that person from one place to another.   

Flight insurance: This basically provide cover for the life of a person in case of an airplane crash or some wrong happening in the flight. 

Baggage Insurance: This insurance is helpful when the luggage of a commuter is lost, delayed or damaged.This insurance can provide cover for that damage. It may be offered by many airlines service providers.


Trip cancellation and interruption insurance:  If an individual is uncertain about travelling they can buy trip cancellation insurance to get refunded. In case the trip is cancelled and is non-refundable, this usually happen during natural disasters or terrorist attack. This type is less seen. 

Is travel insurance necessary?

  • Travel insurance is a necessity for frequent and foreign travellers. It can always help in emergencies. However it would only cost money to a non-frequent traveller.
  • Travel insurance can be a good only if the medical insurance taken by an individual does not provide for cover outside the home country.
  • Travel insurance can also help if the trip is non-refundable but gets cancelled or interrupted. It can protect for a potential or actual financial disaster along the trip.
  • One can always use comparison websites to see which company provide the best travel insurance.
  • There are many people who believe that the payoff to travel insurance is not equivalent to the risk.


While travel insurance is the first choice of many travellers.
However it is advised that there is no need to buy travel insurance when traveling domestically. Since the flights are not long and buying a travel insurance would only cost money. Many insurance policies do not cover last minute flight. Thus buying or not buying a travel insurance is at the discretion of a traveller and insurance companies should not try to sell travel insurance for wrong reasons.

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