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Which is the Best Health Insurance for Parents, As we grow old , two things surely come along with it .One is wisdom and another is medical expenses.

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Which is the Best Health Insurance for Parents,As we grow old , two things surely come along with it .One is wisdom and another is medical expenses. The average age threshold is increasing for a person. So it is evident that medical costs will be escalating every now and then. In this article , we will try to look at various options available for our parents. Such plans may or may not be for senior citizen. Now check more details regarding “Which is the Best Health Insurance for Parents” from below…

Which is the Best Health Insurance for Parents

Reasons for choosing a health plan for parents

  • It is difficult to obtain health insurance by the parents by themselves.
  • Retired people receive lesser or no income. This makes it difficult to pay off medical bills or expenses.
  • Contingencies or emergencies are difficult to predict. Hence it will require a huge outlay of funds.

Points to remember :

Age factor

The Health insurance plan with the maximum age and medical cover shall be chosen. Most companies don’t renew the insurance policy after a particular age. So it is important to look at renewal and entry age while choosing a health plan.

Health cover

Higher face value would substantiate higher health cover. Higher the sum insured , better the insurance policy is.This will benefit us in terms of coverage.Because medical expenses are at highest point as age progresses.


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Existing medical conditions

Health Insurance policy mentions the time period for making claim. Hence insured has to wait before claiming the medical expenses. These medical expenses are pertaining to Pre- existing Medical conditions. This is a very important factor to check in health insurance.

Broad hospital network

With old age , it is difficult to travel far away .Hence ,one should choose a health insurance policy with broader network for hospitalization. It ensures hospitals to be located in vicinity.


Generally the premium increases as the age increases.That makes higher premium for the older ones.However, different insurance companies quote different premiums .These can be easily compared for choosing a reasonable premium policy.

Co payment clause

Most of the insurance policies have copayment clause. This would require the insured to pay for a part of the medical expenses. Remember to check this clause while choosing health insurance This will save a lot of surprises at emergency situations.

Popular Health Insurance Plans and their features

Silver health – Bajaj Allianz

  • Pre existing illness covered from second year
  • Care procedure for 130 days covered
  • Cashless claim settlement at more than 5000 hospitals
  • Covers pre hospital and post hospitalization expenses
  • Claim disbursement in fast and speedy way

Red Carpet Health insurance – Star Health Insurance

  • Pre Insurance tests not mandatory
  • Pre existing medical illness covered from second year
  • Insured treated as out patients at recognized hospitals
  • Sum insured upto Rs 10 lakhs
  • Assured lifetime policy renewal

Varishtha Mediclaim – National Insurance

  • Cash less facility available at network hospitals
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses reimbursed.
  • Pre Existing illness covered form second year
  • Maximum renewable age is 90 years


In India, Parents are considered to be responsibility of the children in old age. So it is important to start from an early stage by investing into descent health plan. It will save a lot in terms of premium outlay and ensures higher health coverage.

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