The stock market is one of the most lucrative places to invest. Because of high profit and long-term growth opportunities, the stock market is attracting heavy-weight investors and ordinary citizens.

But many people often seem to lose a lot of money in the stock market. Its because the condition of the market is constantly fluctuating. Stock prices can increase at a high margin, but it might take a very short time before all of your stock prices start to plummet.

So it’s important to know which market shares will perform better tomorrow and secure you a handsome return. But how would you do that? How do you predict the future?

Here are the best ten tips to help you get maximum returns by predicting the stock market performance.

1. Power Gauge Reports


The Power Gauge Report can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways of predicting the stock market. It’s a monthly newsletter that gives you all the analysis of the stock market and suggests you some great stocks with high potential returns.

To find out which stock has a high earning potential, you might have to do extensive research and analysis. It will take you a considerable amount of time and resources to do all the analysis by yourself.

That’s why a great solution would be buying a power gauge reports subscription. It gives you a broader idea of the overall condition of the stock market. You will clearly know which stocks to go for and which ones to avoid.

The stock market is risky, but with power gauge reports, you can minimize the risk at a great margin.

2. Activities of Mutual Funds

You must first know that mutual funds are the biggest players in the stock market. They usually have a huge amount of financial backing and impact the overall stock market.

Because they invest an enormous amount of money in the stock market, they can also influence the stock prices. Experts of mutual funds find high potential stocks in the market and invest in them.

As a result, the prices of those stocks generally increase. Mutual funds can push stock prices up or down in both the short term and long term. So follow the mutual funds and see which stocks they prefer. Doing that can increase your chances of getting a high return on your investment.

3. Keep an Eye on FII and DII

A big part of the stock market is influenced by institutional money. Foreign investors and domestic investors play a big part in the stock market. They are often seen liquidizing their asset and investing a big amount of money in the share market.

Since you don’t have the assets and resources like these big players, you can follow their activities and see which stocks they’re interested in. If you see FII or DII are constantly buying stocks of a particular company, it means their analytical team is seeing high earning potential in it.

So you could invest in some of the targeted stocks of foreign and domestic investors for a profitable return.

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4. Amount of Promoter’s Holdings

Every company has promoters who make a big difference in attracting investors. Investors monitor their activities. If a promoter’s holding of a certain company increases, it will positively impact the investors.

In this way, many promoters attracted investors to buy stocks. As a result, the price of these stocks will increase. So if you follow the promoters of different stocks, you’ll know which promoters are doing a good job of convincing the investors.

This way, you’ll be able to identify the stocks that will be profitable later on. But remember, only the promoter alone can’t determine the profitability of the stock. Other factors can also play a big part in increasing or decreasing the price.

5. Outside Factors

The mechanism of a stock market is a version of supply and demand. When many people want to buy a certain stock, the price of that stock goes up. Again if no one wants to buy a particular stock, the value of the stock will be reduced.

But apart from demand and supply factors, other factors can also influence the market. Political, economic, or social factors can significantly increase or decrease a stock price.

Besides, natural disasters can greatly hamper the stability of the stock market. So if you see factors such as these affecting the real world, you can predict that there will also be a similar sort of effect on the stock market.

6. Follow the Change in Business

We often see companies changing hands or venturing into new areas. These activities can significantly influence the stock price of these companies.

For instance, If a company changes its business model, it might affect how investors see the company. As a result, the investors might not be interested in buying stocks of this company anymore.

Even a company’s management change can cause the stock price to increase or decrease. So observing these things will give you a better idea of which stocks to buy based on these criteria.

One piece of advice: you should involve your children in your investment planning. It’ll help your kids make better decisions. So try to be an investing guide for your kids.

7. Look at the Long-Term Profit

A common mistake in choosing stocks is only looking at the current profile of a company. While it’s true that an annual financial report can give you an overview of the company, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

As an investor, you must see how a particular company has grown over time. For that, you need to follow multiple financial reports to analyze a company’s growth over time.

If you compare the company’s profit from one quarter to another, you’ll see whether this company has a stable profit margin or not. Only a strong quarter with good revenue is not enough for you to invest money in it.

You have to remember that it takes multiple quarters of stable revenue for a company to become investment worthy.

8. Delivery Percentage

One important thing to notice is the ratio of deliverable quantity to traded quantity. If the percentage in stock trading volume is higher, it means that the company is doing good.

But if the percentage traded quantity is low, that means that there is more trader interest. This is not a good sign for a company. So analyzing the deliverable quantity to traded quantity can give you a better idea of the potential stocks that can generate profit.

9. Standard Deviation

Sometimes even with all your expertise, you can’t accurately predict the stock market.  But many financial experts use different theories and methods to get the best results about the stock market.

Among the tools successfully used to predict the stock market, the standard deviation is the most reliable. The standard deviation calculates the number of fluctuations of a certain stock.

Standard deviation also shows how much a stock deviates from the trend line. 

So for the overall performance measurement of stock, the standard deviation can be a great tool.

10. Breakouts

A good way to predict the stock market is the observation of breakouts. First, you must know precisely what breakout means in the stock market.

When a stock is traded in a larger number for a certain amount of sessions, you can identify a breakout for that particular stock. For a breakout to be identified, a stock needs to be sold at  40% above its regular trade, and the number of sessions should be about 40.

If a stock has a high number of breakouts, it means that the stock has the potential to generate large revenue. So if you can invest in stocks with a good breakout number, you can predict you’ll get a good return.


Before investing in the stock market, knowing how to predict the future market performance is crucial for getting a high return. Investing in the stock market can be risky, and you’ll lose money if you don’t know how to find the right stocks.

By following the above-mentioned tips, it will be much easier for you to predict the stock market performance. Thus you’ll be able to invest in stocks that can give you a healthy return.

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