Tesla Net Worth is $850 Billion. Tesla, Inc. It is one of the world’s biggest and largest electric vehicles manufacturer and designers. Tesla is an American company based in Austin, Texas. It has its hands in all sorts of electrical stuff like Electric cars, trucks, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and much more. Tesla is the leading manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles in the world and has achieved some serious acclamation worldwide.

Its market capitalization is immense as far as battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles are concerned. It has a huge share in the market with 23% of battery-electric vehicles and 16% of the plug-in electric vehicles. Also check Facebook Net Worth, Apple Net WorthAmazon Net Worth.

Apart from its hands in the automotive industry, its subsidiary Tesla Energy also plays a massive role in the success of the company. Tesla Energy produces the most number of battery energy storage systems and is the leading supplier of it as well. Tesla Energy also plays a very big role in the installation of photovoltaic systems in the United States. As far as renewal energy sources are concerned, there isn’t any other company available apart from Tesla, which has this much of a market capitalization, around $850 billion. Also check Microsoft Net Worth.

Tesla Net Worth

Tesla is a massive company, which is undoubtedly the biggest and most successful of all its competitors. It has immense market capitalization and huge shares all around. Elon Musk is solely responsible for all the success and might that we are witnessing today. As far as its net worth is concerned, there isn’t any exact data available. Though as an estimate, Tesla had a market capitalization of $1 trillion at the end of 2021, and currently, it has a net worth of $850 billion.

NameTesla, Inc.
Net Worth 2022$850 Billion
Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs. 61 Lakh Crore
Net income: $8,399 Million
Revenue$62,190 Million
Total Assets$66,038 Million
PE Ratio94.53
Founders:Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, Ian Wright
CEOElon Musk (Oct 2008–)
Headquarters:Austin, Texas, United States
Founded:1 July 2003
Number of employees1,10,000 (April 2022)
Subsidiaries:Maxwell Technologie, Tesla Energy, Tesla Grohmann Automation
Tesla With Elon Musk

Tesla Revenue 2022

  • Tesla revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2022 was $62.190 Billion
  • Tesla annual revenue for 2021 was $53.823 Billion
  • Tesla annual revenue for 2020 was $31.536 Billion
  • Tesla annual revenue for 2019 was $24.578 Billion
YearRevenue (Millions of US $)

Tesla Net Income 2022

  • Tesla net income for the twelve months ending March 31, 2022 was $8.399 Billion
  • Tesla annual net income for 2021 was $5.519 Billion
  • Tesla annual net income for 2020 was $0.721 Billion
  • Tesla annual net income for 2019 was $-0.862 Billion
YearNet Worth

Tesla Evolution

Tesla first came into existence in the year 2003, when it was incorporated by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning as Tesla motors. The company was founded on 1 July 2003 in San Carlos, California, the United States by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright. It was envisioned to create a greener and cleaner environment by using electrical energy for the automotive industry. It was named Tesla so as to give tribute to the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. In 2004, Elon Musk came into the limelight as he made an investment of around $6.5 million in the company, becoming the highest shareholder in it.

Since 2008, Elon Musk has been serving as the CEO of the company, and it’s his vision that has helped Tesla become that big a company. Elon Musk oversaw the very famous Roadster design of Tesla motors. After the hard work od of several years, Tesla motors finally managed to create a practical design for the Roadster model, and its manufacturing and production started in 2008. By 2009, it had delivered 147 cars and had raised more than $187 million. Also, check Google Net Worth.


Tesla Products

Tesla Products

Model S
Model 3
Model 3
Model Y
MegapackSolar panels
Solar Roof

After the creation of its first electric car, the Roadster, Tesla started working on various other projects. Its other cars, like, the Model S sedan, got into the production line in the year 2012, and they became a massive hit. Later, in 2015, another car, the Model X SUV, came into view, and its production also began in the same year. Tesla has seen a massive surge in its popularity, as its cars were getting good responses.

Tesla launched two more cars in 2017 and 2020, named Model 3 Sedan and Model Y Crossover, respectively. Its model 3 Sedan became the most successful car Tesla has ever produced. It’s a plug-in electric car, which is the only one to cross-sale over 1 million worldwide. Because of the success of its cars, its market capitalization increased to $1 trillion, and Tesla became only the sixth company In the US to do so.

Tesla Total Assets 2022

  • Tesla total assets for the quarter ending March 31, 2022 were $66.038 Billion
  • Tesla total assets for 2021 were $62.131 Billion
  • Tesla total assets for 2020 were $52.148 Billion
  • Tesla total assets for 2019 were $34.309 Billion
YearTotal Assets (Millions of US $)


Tesla has achieved serious acclamation. It is the biggest electric car manufacturer in the world and has its hands involved in all sorts of electronic products. Tesla not only produces cars and trucks, but it is also the leading supplier and manufacturer of Battery energy storage systems. Tesla also installs the most number of Photovoltaic systems in the United States, which is a very big achievement. Apart from that, its solar panels and solar roof tiles are quite a thing to look forward to. Tesla is not only making a profit, but it’s also making progress toward a Greener and cleaner environment. 

Tesla Share Holder Equity 2022

  • Tesla share holder equity for the quarter ending March 31, 2022 was $34.947 Billion
  • Tesla share holder equity for 2021 was $31.015 Billion
  • Tesla share holder equity for 2020 was $23.075 Billion
  • Tesla share holder equity for 2019 was $7.467 Billion
Year(Millions of US $)
Tesla Office


Tesla, Inc. It is a huge name in the context of electric vehicles. Tesla Motors has produced some of the best and most futuristic cars and trucks, which still seems impossible. It has plenty of models running on the streets, but it’s Model 3 sedan is the most successful one. Apart from its involvement in the automotive industry, Tesla is known for its battery energy storage system and its solar panels and solar roof tiles. It also makes and installs the most number of Photovoltaic systems in the United States. Tesla is a sheer dream, which is getting fulfilled with every passing minute. 

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