How Important Is Technology In Education

How Important Is Technology In Education? All educational institutes from nursery schools to primary schools, high schools to colleges, and secondary schools.

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How Important Is Technology In Education

In the past, a common conversation was that technology, the way it is moving forward, will take over our lives. In today’s world when we see our lives, it is difficult to deny as it has almost become a fact now. Every sector of life is using technology to maximize its benefits with educational institutes being no exception.

According to Sam Carrol, expert writers at, educational institutes have embraced technology to move forward with the modern world and left the days of book research behind them. Let us have look at how technology has played a role in the education sector and with more advancement what will be its role in education in the future.

Role of Technology

All educational institutes from nursery schools to primary schools, high schools to colleges, and secondary schools to universities are using technology to enhance and improve the learning experience of their students. They have adapted to digital alternatives available to them to move with the modern world. It is not only important for better education of the young generation but also makes them prepared for what they have to compete for in the tech-savvy world after education.

A recent study has revealed that around 69 percent of secondary and 68 percent of primary schools in Britain use tablets. An interesting fact is that every single student in 9 percent of these schools has a tablet device, while 45 percent of those schools without tablets in circulation aim to achieve the same in near future.


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Having a look at these numbers, we can see how technology has revolutionized the education sector and what potential it has to reform education.

Use of Technology in Education

After having a look at the important role of technology in education, let us have a look at how educational establishments are using technology to improve education.

Tablets are allowing students to learn different subjects through interactive lessons. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. Tablets and other gadgets encourage more pupil participation. The retention rate is also improved as these gadgets cater to different types of learners differently.

These technology gadgets have made learning a personalized task thus allowing everyone to learn at their own pace. It has helped students to improve as you know everyone makes progress at different rates.

Technology has made the task of searching for study and research material simple and easy through online access. Teachers and students both have all the resources they want at their fingertips.

What is the Future?

With so much already happened, one wonders what is future? There is a lot to wonder about as still much has to happen in the future as the technology is advancing in the education sector. One key area we want to highlight here is the role and potential of artificial intelligence in the education sector in the future. And it’s much more than just generating sample research papers with AI or using machine learning in the education process.

According to Sir Anthony Seldon, the roles of teachers and technological devices will be reversed in the future. As today teachers are using technology gadgets as their assistants but with the development of artificial intelligence, teachers will be assistants to AI devices in the classroom in the future. There are many more aspects to this development as well such as fast and customized learning for students, education for all, and flexibility.

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