TDS under Section 194A – What is, Exemption limit, Rate of Deduction

TDS under Section 194A. Section 194A – TDS on Interest other than Interest on Securities. The topic relating to any TDS section is very much famous and on-going because there can be various complexity regarding the issues faced by individuals in normal business. So in this article I would make you understand the concept of Section 194A which is relating to the TDS which is to be deducted in case of Interest other than Interest on Securities. Now you can scroll down below n check more details regarding “TDS under Section 194A”

TDS under Section 194A

What is the meaning of Interest ??

The word interest in this section would include the following:

  1. Interest on Loans
  2. Interests on Public Deposits
  3. Interest on Inter-Corporate Loans
  4. Interest on Commission Agent payment

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The word interest in this section would not include the following:

  1. Interest paid by a Firm to its partners.
  2. Interest paid by Central Government under the provisions of the Income Tax Act.
  3. Interest paid by a co-operative society to its members.
  4. Interest paid by one banking company to other for the deposits made.
  5. Interest paid by banking company to any institution which is notified by Central government such as LIC, UTI, etc.
  6. Interest paid on Zero coupon bonds.
  7. Interest paid to supplier for the late payment of the outstanding amount.
  8. Discounting charges for the bill discounted or for the export purpose will not to defined as interest and therefore not liable for TDS.
  9. Interest paid or credited on the schemes which are been notified by the Central Government.
  10. Interest on the Deposits for the deposits with the primary agricultural society or any co-operative land development bank or any co-operative land mortgage bank.

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Exemption limit up to which no TDS:

The exemption limit for not deducting the tax on interest is Rs. 10,000 in case of Banking Companies and Rs. 5,000 in any other cases.

Rate of Deduction:

The Rate of Deduction under this Act is 10% in normal case and if any detail error such as Not having PAN then flat rate of 20% should be applied.

Deposit of the TDS so collected:

The TDS so credited should be paid on or before the seventh of the next month in which the TDS was credited. In case of month of March the TDS needs to be deposited within 30th of the month of April.

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Non Deduction in certain cases:

Where the deductee is providing the deductor the Form 15G/15H (As applicable), then the deductor will not be liable for deducting the Tax.

Issue of TDS Certificates:

The issue of TDS Certificates would be 15 days from the due date of filing of returns, i.e. in 1st quarter, the return is filed on 15th of July, then the due date for TDS Certificates would be 30th July.

TDS returns:

The deductor deducting the tax and depositing the same needs to make the details available to the government by furnishing returns under the law and submit the same within time limits prescribed in law for each kind of person.

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