What are the taxes when selling a house in Jacksonville, FL

What are the taxes when selling a house in Jacksonville, FL. Home owners should study the list of tax obligations that must be met in cases of ownership andamp; sale.

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What are the taxes when selling a house in Jacksonville
Taxes When Selling A House In Jacksonville

Home owners should study the list of tax obligations that must be met in cases of ownership and sale. Paying taxes is required to maintain the infrastructure and to improve it continuously. Thus, by repaying the “debt” to the state, it is possible to optimize the territory.

Real estate in Jacksonville can be a source of additional income. Renting it out or selling it with the help of AlkoInvestment allows you to get some kind of reward. Keep in mind that the government requires the payment of taxes in accordance with the current regulations.

Florida property taxes

Florida residents are obligated to pay several types of real estate taxes. The funds received in this way are used to improve the surroundings. It is impossible to avoid the accrual of tax payments, therefore, you should pay the received invoices on time.

Owners of real estate who follow the legal requirements are required to familiarize themselves with the existing types of tax liabilities:

  • Annual tax. To determine the amount of deductions, the current value of your property is used. Only government agencies are exempt from payment.
  • Capital gains tax. The amount of payments depends on many factors, and the calculation algorithms may differ significantly depending on the situation.
  • Tax on income from rent. In this case, the owners of real estate who rent out their houses have to pay the tax levies. If you have net income, you have to pay federal income tax.


Thus, every owner of real estate is obliged to pay taxes depending on the current conditions. You can get detailed explanations regarding each point from a lawyer who will provide you with the necessary information.

Selling a house and capital gains tax

Real estate sales in Jacksonville are subject to capital gains tax. For calculations, the cost of the house at the time of obtaining ownership and the price of the property, which was indicated at the conclusion of the transaction, are taken into account. After determining the amount of profit (difference), tax levies are determined.

This type of tax is paid not only by residents of the country, but also by foreign investors. Both lawyers and accountants are involved in assessing the tax amount. Experts will make a calculation and draw up documents for registration of payment.

Property owners need to keep a close eye on the costs associated with maintaining a house. As a result, you can use this information to reduce the profit margin in the case of a sale. Real estate maintenance costs are determined in accordance with legal requirements.

Owners of inherited property must pay capital gains tax too. In this case, several factors are taken into account:

  • marital status;
  • current value of the property;
  • term of property ownership.

Capital gains tax reduction is possible if you quickly sell the house after obtaining the title deed. In such situations, single owners get a tax break of $250,000. As for the owners who are officially married, the amount will be 500 thousand.

The sale of real estate in Jacksonville involves the payment of taxes in the amount of 1 to 3% of the price indicated at the closing of the transaction. Additionally, you will need to provide funds to pay 6% of the cost in the form of a commission for the property sold.

The cost of closing the deal is of key importance. The amount of fees depends on many factors, so it is worth getting the advice of a professional and only then make a decision. Realtors, accountants and lawyers will help you find answers to questions that trouble you and provide you with the necessary assistance.

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