start preparing for government jobs: Youth and college time is a fun and memorable one. You are just stepping into the world of adulthood and have many things on the plate to adjust to. New environment, new culture, a new way of teaching, and most importantly a fresh and new way to begin this phase of life. But while we are settling into the college vibe around us, many of us are struggling to juggle between preparation for government jobs along with managing the college studies.

They say every single moment is precious when you are preparing for government exams. Not everyone gets to witness this vibe and life after all. So, to get through government exams, you have to move that extra mile and manage your studies, as well as, the government exam preparation.

So, to help you out maintain a smooth pace of preparation and excel in your goals with flying colors, here are some tips for you.

Top 7 tips to help you prepare for government jobs

Understanding the selection

All the government exams have different criteria for selection. So, your preparation phase should begin with understanding the process of selection and form your strategies accordingly. Once you are able to identify the procedure and the steps involved to prepare all govt jobs, you’ll focus on the major target areas that will increase your chances of getting through the government exam.


Once you start college and preparation for your government exam simultaneously, try and get your hands on the exam syllabus. Try discussing the syllabus with your friends and seek their advice and feedback on the level of your syllabus clarity for the government exam. Having a thorough idea about your exam syllabus is going to help you in filtering what all information and preparation notes need to be prepared from your end. You will not waste your time cramming unnecessary syllabus and topics that might not have much relevance.

Use your morning routine for paper reading

The preparation of government exams is totally incomplete without general knowledge and current affairs. So, instead of dedicating extra hours to complete the general knowledge books having current affair questions in them, pick up the newspaper every day to read. Use your morning routine like tea time to complete paper reading. If this does not seem feasible, you can opt for monthly magazines that are available at the end of each month and contain all the important developments, news, international affairs, and much more.


Preparation material

Use your free time during the college lectures and mass bunks to prepare notes and gather all kinds of information required. Also, if you are gearing up for the government exams from your school time, you have ample time to make your notes, read all the books, and gather all the material required for preparation. Dedicate one hour apart from your college study routine to revise these notes every day.

Cover the tough areas first

Once you begin with the preparation process for the government exams, you have ample time. Instead of taking up the areas that are tough for you in the end, begin with their preparation from the very beginning. With this, you’ll complete its syllabus well in time and also have time for its revision every day. Take up small sections of the tough areas for you and complete them in time.

Set weekly targets

Sometimes you might feel demotivated for not being able to set a clear pace in between your studies, as well as, the preparation for the government exams. So, the key to managing preparation between your studies is to set weekly targets. Have a defined schedule for each of your subjects and then keep Sunday for revision and judgment. Gradually, you might not be able to meet all your targets but once you know where you are going wrong, you’ll get better. Also, you can set quarterly targets too and then judge your performance by the end of each. The key is to notice your mistakes and learn from them.

Mock tests

Sign up for mock tests during your preparation for government exam preparation. Once you are done with your college exams or school finals, utilize the break before resuming. This break is usually free as you have nothing to do, academically. Many government exams have subjective papers. This semester break can be well-utilized to give mock tests and improve your writing skills. Also, the school summer break is 30 days minimum. It is a good time for you to work on your weak areas and polish your language skills.


The journey of preparing for government exams is a long journey. You might have many rocks and hurdles on the way. But at the end of the day, a positive mindset, self-motivation, as well as, having confidence in your 100% effort is what keeps you going.


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