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List of Tally Ledgers under Group List: Tally Ledger Groups List (Ledger under Which Head). check complete list of tally ledgers created under group list of Tally ERP 9 AND Earlier tally versions. tally ledger under group list in hindiLedgers are very Important part for Journal Entries in Tally. Here we provide list of common ledgers created for Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and For trading account. Leader creation is very important part for Proper Journal entries in Tally ERP9. Recently we already provided “Tally ERP 9 Useful Short Cut Keys” and Accounting Heads for Tally. Now you can scroll down below n check more details about List of “Tally Ledgers under Group List”

Tally Erp 9 ledgers creation under proper group of accounts is main part of Tally ERP 9 implementation. In every implementation of Group wise Tally ledger list prepared first which affects Trading a/c, Profit and loss a/c and Balance sheet. Here is the list of ledger head and respected group of ledger

List of Tally Ledgers under Group List

List of Tally Ledgers for Trading Account

Ledger Name Tally Head
Sale Return Sales
Sale Sales
Purchase Return Purchase
Purchase Purchase
Carriage Direct Expenses
Freight & Cartage Direct Expenses
Import duty Direct Expenses
Rent (Dr) Direct Expenses
Royalty Direct Expenses
Wages Direct Expenses
Group Name Ledger name
Purchase Accounts All types of Purchase Accounts like
Purchase 5% Local
Purchase 12.5% Local
Purchase 2% Central
Purchase Import
Purchase Central C form
Purchase Central F form
Purchase Central H form
Purchase Central C+ E1 form
Purchase Return
Sales Account All types of Sales Accounts like
Sales 5% Local
Sales 12.5% Local
Sales 2% Central
Sales Export
Sales Central C form
Sales Central F form
Sales Central H form
Sales Central C+ E1 form
Sale Return
Duties and Taxes All types of Taxes like
Excise Duty Payable etc
Service Tax Payable
TDS Payables
Input Vat Accounts
Output Vat Accounts
Cenvat Accounts
Sale tax
Income Tax
VAT Payable

List of Tally Ledgers for Profit & Loss Account

Ledger name Tally Head
Advertisement Indirect Expenses
Bank charges Indirect Expenses
Bill drawn Indirect Expenses
Carriage Indirect Expenses
Commission allowed Indirect Expenses
Discount allowed Indirect Expenses
Donation & charity Indirect Expenses
Free sample Indirect Expenses
Insurance premium Indirect Expenses
Interest on loan Indirect Expenses
Legal charge Indirect Expenses
Loss by fire Indirect Expenses
Office lighting Indirect Expenses
Petty cashier Indirect Expenses
Postage & courier Indirect Expenses
Printing & stationery Indirect Expenses
Rent (cr) Indirect Expenses
Repair charge Indirect Expenses
Salary Indirect Expenses
Sale tax Indirect Expenses
Taxi fire Indirect Expenses
Telephone charge Indirect Expenses
Trade account Indirect Expenses
Travelling expenses Indirect Expenses
Suspense Suspense
Miscellaneous exp. Miscellaneous exp.
Depreciation Indirect Expenses
Commission Received Indirect Income
Bed Debts Recovered Indirect Income
Interest on Drawing Indirect Income
Discount Received Indirect Income
Interest on Investment Indirect Income

List of Tally Ledgers for Balance Sheet

Ledger Name Tally Head Ledger Hame Tally Head
Capital Capital Furniture Fixed asset
Drawing Capital Goods Fixed asset
Income Tax Capital Land & Building Fixed asset
Life insurance Capital Long term investment Fixed asset
Reserves & Surplus Reserves & Surplus Machinary & plant Fixed asset
Advance Current Libilities Bank Cash at bank
Bank Overdraft Current Libilities Cash Cash in hand
Bill Payable Current Libilities Stock Stock in Hand
Outstanding expenses Current Libilities Debitor name Sundry Debtors
Salary payable Current Libilities Bad debitor Sundry Debtors
Creditor name Sundry Creditors Bill receivable Current Assets
Loan Loan Liabilities Good will Current Assets
Branch in division Branch in division National plant Current Assets
Accrued expenses Current Libilities Prepaid expenses Current Assets
Short Term Investment Current Assets
Accrued income Current Assets
Prepaid rent Misc. Exp.- asset
Loss on theft Stock in Hand

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  1. Kollipara sundaraiah says:

    Agricultural income and agricultural expenses create under which group.

    Gst input gst output create under duties and taxes group.
    Gst paid and gst payable create under which group.

    • Nishu Kumar says:

      Comment:pension kisi person ka individual receive hone wala fund right hota. O person ka personal income hoga. iska business ya firm se koi lena dena nahi hai.
      iska koi record leader ya business book me nahi hoga.
      Agar Business ko kuch receive hota hai to use subsidies Kahte hain. Wo direct Income hoga.

  2. Sanjeev says:

    I take frieght charge from coustomer. So and i show frieght colum in bill so under what category it shlould come in ledger. Under sales accooint or indirect income. And am i liable to pay tax on frieght

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