5 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing an Accounting Software. How to Choose Accounting Software. Do you run a small business? Are you planning to switch from traditional bookkeeping practices to using a business accounting software? While almost every business has benefited greatly from employing accounting software, there are few factors that you should consider before taking the plunge.

But before we get to what those factors are, you need to be extremely clear about the fact that no accounting software is the ‘best’ accounting software. Since every business runs very differently, it’s evident that what works for one organisation may not work for another. That said, here’s what you need to carefully scrutinise while moving to an accounting software.

5 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing an Accounting Software

Why Do You Want To Change?

Carefully consider the reasons you’re planning to purchase an accounting new software. Not every business really needs such a comprehensive tool. For one’s that do not handle large volumes of business transactions, traditional bookkeeping methods should do the trick.

However, if you find that it’s particularly difficult to maintain your books this way, an accounting software is the way to go. Other reasons include the need to access data outside of the office, streamlining bill payments and invoice collections, and even meeting regulatory compliance standards.


You just make sure that you have a solid reason to invest in such a tool.

How Much Can You Afford To Pay?

As with everything that can be classified as a service or a product, the more comprehensive and reliable it is, the more it costs. The same holds true for accounting software as well. Basic book keeping software does not cost much; you can even make use of free accounting tools on the internet.

However if you’re looking for a comrephensive accounting software, one that can sync with your bank account, or even generate regular profit and loss reports, you’ll have to shell out a little bit more money.

Which Business Processes Are You Looking To Optimise?

To find an accounting software that will actually help your business, you need to check its features to see whether it will be able to handle and streamline processes that you’re currently facing problems with.

Accounting software like Tally will help you take care all core accounting tasks, offer third party integration with your bank accounts and other relevant data sources, automate billing and invoice generation, and even let you create quotes and estimates for your clients, eventually turning them into invoices once the job is done.

When you buy an accounting software, ensure that the features it offers are actually the features that you need. This is integral to making sure that your investment in such a business accounting tool isn’t wasted.

Generic Or Industry Scalability?

In the market, you’ll come across two types of accounting software; industry specific, and generic.

Industry-specific software is designed and built to meet specific accounting requirements based on the industry your business operates in. Generic software, on the other hand, is more like an off-the-shelf product that can be used by companies across a number of industry verticals.

Industry-specific accounting software costs a bit more than generic accounting software, but if you can afford it, then it’s always better than relying on a tool that might not come with the features that your business needs.

How Secure Is Your Data?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the security of your information. You should check with the service provider and find out the kind of data security features available used to protect your data and how easy it is to recover your data in case of a problem in future.

If there’s even the slightest doubt in your mind about the security of your information, choose a different vendor.


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