What Happens if You Return Your Rental Car Early or Late?

What Happens if You Return Your Rental Car Early or Late? You were probably asking yourself, what if I return a rental car a day early? Returning Your Rental.

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Return Your Rental Car Early or Late
Return Your Rental Car Early Or Late

You were probably asking yourself, what if I return a rental car a day early? Or what happens if you return a rental car late? Well, not much. You are not going to be sued or anything. But, there are likely going to be some fees. So, it’s best for both you and the rental car company that you bring the rental car on time.

Returning Your Rental

When you are renting a car, for example from a Realcar.nyc which is one of the best services in this niche, you sign a contract which clearly says for how long you are renting and for how much. If you don’t stick to that contract, there are certainly going to be additional fees.

Also, if a car is damaged when returned, the client must cover all the damages that occurred. We recommend every client picture the car when it’s picked up and when it’s dropped off back to the car rental company. By doing that, you are ensuring that no damage is done after you drop it off. Also, it can help you as a client if you made some damage to pay only for what you did.

Another important thing to note is that every ticket that a car has received when it’s in your possession is redirected to you, so it’s for the best that you take care of that car like it’s your own.


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Another question you may ask is how to return a rental car after hours. Well, the rental car companies usually have a parking spot for this kind of return. Just be sure to leave keys in a secure spot and document the time and location of where you parked the car.

Early Return

Many of you have thought about what happens if you return a rental car late, but what if the situation changes and you need to return it early? Can you get your money back? What’s the procedure?

Well, you might think that car rental companies want your car earlier, which can be true, but it’s not always the case. Car rental companies have their average cost per day per car, so they want their cars to be rented as much as possible. With that said, car rental companies usually don’t offer any kind of refund when you bring the car early, as they are losing money.

But, you should always ask them, or read the contents of the contract. That way, you will know what they are doing in the case of an early return. Every car rental has its own terms and conditions, so be sure to read them before deciding where to rent.

Late Return

This part of the article is probably the most interesting to you all. And here we are going to answer all the questions like how late can you return a rental car and what happens if I return a rental car late.

First of all, returning a rental car late can be a very stressful thing for the car rental company, especially if that particular car is already booked for the next driver. Because of returning late, car rental companies might need to compensate the next customer until the car is ready.

And, because of all that, car rental companies are likely to charge you a fee. This fee is not for a set amount, and you will need to speak to the staff of the company. In some cases, that fee is listed in the contract, so you know exactly what you need to pay, but if it’s not, you need to do a little research before signing a contract.

Changing Your Contract

Changing the contract after it’s signed may come with some additional fees. For example, if you want to extend the rent of a car, sometimes it’s best to wait for it to expire and rent the car again.

Also, there isn’t always the option to extend the car rental as the car may already be booked for when you return it. You should read your contract before signing it and make sure that you won’t need to change it. By doing so, you can save yourself both time and money.

Closing Thoughts

It’s for the best that you bring the car you rented on time. By doing that, you are ensuring there are not going to be any extra fees or troubles when refunding. Also, be sure to take pictures of the car at the moment you pick up the car and at the moment of returning. This way, you are securing yourself from any possible fraud.

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