Options For What To Do With A Junk Car – in detailed

Options For What To Do With A Junk Car: You've had that old clunker sitting in your driveway or rusting away in your backyard for years, and it's time to face the inevitable


Options For What To Do With A Junk Car

You’ve had that old clunker sitting in your driveway or rusting away in your backyard for years, and it’s time to face the inevitable: your car is now officially a junk car.

While it may no longer serve its primary purpose of transportation, don’t despair; there are still several viable options for what to do with a junk car. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore these options, weighing the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision.

Option 1: Sell It As Scrap Metal

One of the most common and straightforward options for disposing of a junk car is to sell it as scrap metal. Here’s how it works:

  1. You contact a local junkyard and give them the basics about your vehicle.
  2. They get back to you with an offer.
  3. You accept the offer and either bring the car to them or let them take it from you.

On the pro side, you can get some quick cash and feel good about handing your car over to someone who can responsibly recycle its parts, which reduces the amount of junk that ends up in landfills.


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On the con side, however, is that junk cars tend to be lower in value, sold only by weight. That means if your car is still pretty usable and isn’t at the end of its life, you won’t be getting the highest possible offer for it that you can get.

Additionally, if you are looking for the best offer, you’ll have to go through the hassle of contacting different yards and comparing quotes and pickup policies yourself.

Luckily, there are some online car buyers —like CarBrain —that can help you by doing the legwork of finding the best offer for your vehicle, as well as providing guaranteed free pickup.

Option 2: Part It Out Yourself

If your junk car still has valuable parts in decent condition, you can consider parting it out. This involves removing and selling individual components like the engine, transmission, wheels, and more.

If you’re willing to do the work, this could potentially lead to much higher profits, especially if you have in-demand parts in good working order. However, it requires a lot of time and labor, as well as skill you might not have.

Additionally, instead of being responsible for finding a buyer for one car, you’re now responsible for buying a buyer for each car part. That is much more of a hassle —so depending on how

Option 3: Donate It To A Charity

Another option for your junk car is to donate it to a charitable organization. Many charities accept old cars and use the proceeds from selling or auctioning them to fund their programs. If you’re planning on donating, however, be sure to look into the charity’s reputation online. You want to make sure that it’s a registered 503(c), and that it a reliable, trustworthy organization.

Keep in mind that the tax benefits are rather limited. Additionally, in some cases, charities may reject your vehicle if it is low enough in value that it doesn’t benefit them to process it.

Option 4: Trade It In

Some dealerships may offer trade-in deals for your junk car when you purchase a new vehicle from them. This can be a convenient option if you’re planning to buy a new car anyway.

On the plus side, this allows you to take care of two transactions in one place —sell your old car, and buy a new one! Plus, dealerships are incentivized to take your car and persuade you to buy one of theirs, which can give you some leverage in getting a higher offer.

On the other hand, there’s limits to what dealers can do if your car is a junk car. They do want your business, but they can’t do much with your junk vehicle and it’s not something they specialize in. Even if they want to provide the incentive, depending on the condition of your vehicle they simply may not be able to take it at all.

Option 5: Sell It Privately

If you’re interested, you can always try to sell your privately, especially if your car is still drivable in any meaningful way. Private buyers who intend to use your car will often be more willing to pay a higher price than a scrap yard, and you can negotiate directly with the buyer.

On the other hand, you will have to vet all the buyers yourself, and indulge some kire-tickers who have no real intention of making a purchase. You’ll have to deal with scheduling time for the buyer to see the car, which can take up a lot of time. Plus, depending on the condition of your vehicle, there may not be that many interested buyers to begin with.

Option 6: Repurpose Your Junk Car

If you’re creative and handy, you can always try repurposing your junk car as something else. For instance, you can try to turn it into a trailer —something you can use day to day. If a trailer’s not your thing, you can try to use it more creatively by transforming it into some kind of garden ornament or art piece.

This option works if you’re already used to working with metal and have a creative bent, as well as space to work on a vehicle.

For most people, this is just not a realistic option.

Options For Your Car

When you have a junk car taking up space and collecting rust, it’s essential to weigh your options for what to do with it. Each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons, and the best course of action depends on your circumstances, preferences, and priorities.

Selling it as scrap metal or parting it out is practical if you want a quick way to get some cash, while donating it to charity offers a chance to make a positive impact. Trading it in at a dealership can be convenient if you’re in the market for a new car, but you may not get the best value. Selling it privately or repurposing it for art or a project can be rewarding but requires more effort and time.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Consider your financial situation, environmental concerns, and personal interests when deciding what to do with your junk car. Whether you opt for recycling,repurposing, or another method, taking action to deal with your junk car can clear up space, put some extra money in your pocket, or even contribute to a charitable cause.


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