Leverage is a kind of loan that the trader takes from the broker company in order to generate a huge amount of profits. The higher the leverage ratio the higher the chance for them to gain more money and become wealthy while trading in the financial market. We all know that leverage is especially important in the foreign exchange market where almost all types of traders use this trading tool in order to increase their profitability.

However, the thing is that a lot of people, especially the new traders often forget that there are a lot of negative sides of the leverage instrument in the FX market, and in a lot of cases, this tool can really work against newbies. So let’s discuss some of the situations that really encourage this bad situation to happen.

How Leverage Really Works

People can use leverage to establish much larger trading positions with a modest quantity of money. Its what makes trading on the Forex market more enjoyable. Without this trading tool, consumers would be unable to see significant movement in their accounts over lengthy periods of time. Nevertheless, traders should be aware that this idea has significant dangers, therefore they should use extreme caution when employing large leverage.

Trading with leverage entails creating large trading positions with a little amount of beginning money. For example, one can begin trading with $1 and end up with $50. However, in most situations, leverage is referred to as a “double-edged sword” because it may assist individuals in generating large sums of wealth as well.


Even though there are a lot of advantages related to this trading instrument, it should be highlighted that the drawbacks calculated in real money can be so high in numbers that they can outweigh the advantages.

The beginner traders should really be all about the leverage before they decide to implement it into their live trading. Besides, every broker company offers different types of leverage ratios, so the newbies are also recommended to read different brokerage reviews. For example, this Brokereo review tells us that the broker has to offer a maximum leverage of 1:500 which is a reasonable number for both beginners as well as experienced traders, especially, in case they want to gain a huge amount of money in a short period of time and with a little initial deposit.

Another essential thing is that sometimes traders forget that utilizing this instrument has its own drawbacks, so they continue to trade with large leverages and suffer significant losses in the end. This is what generally happens when they don’t know enough about the instrument.

Traders should constantly be aware that utilizing a high degree of leverage entails not only the possibility of large gains but also the possibility of large losses.

The larger the trading position, the more likely it is that undesirable events, such as downsides, may occur. This is why, in many situations, even experienced traders strive to use minimal leverage since they understand that this instrument is associated with very high risks and that it is not always worth trading with.

Disadvantages of the High Leverage

To properly adapt to this instrument, you must have a lot of skills and market information; else, there is always the risk that the market will move in the opposite direction and you will lose all of your cash.

Another essential consideration is that utilizing leverage charges investors with particular interest rates. The precise number of these interest rates is determined by the currency exchange leverage ratio at the moment as well as the specific currency with which an investor is dealing. These expenses are particularly painful when people lose their money.


On top of that, traders should be aware that there is always the possibility that they may go below the margin levels, in which case the broker will be forced to cancel their trading positions instantly.

If you ask any professional trader they will tell you that Leverage is a multifaceted and complicated instrument. The idea sounds wonderful, and in practice, using leverage may be beneficial, however, the opposite is also true. Both profits and losses are magnified when using leverage. If an investor utilizes leverage to make an investment and the investment goes against them, their loss is considerably higher than if they had not leveraged the transaction.

As a result, first-time traders should generally avoid using leverage till they have gained more expertise. A firm can utilize leverage to produce shareholders’ value in the business sector, but if it is unable to do so, the debt expenditure and credit risk of default diminish the value for shareholders.

When it comes to trading in the foreign exchange market, leverage allows you to have influence over considerably bigger sums with a very modest investment. It is essential to note that leverage is frequently regarded as a double-edged sword; as a result, most newcomers choose to begin with low leverage in order to avoid loss until they get a basic understanding of risk management. A lot of experienced Forex traders can utilize adequate leverage and risk management to produce regular profits and profit from the Forex market’s edge.

So if you are a new trader and want to become successful in the financial market, you are recommended to use a reasonable leverage ratio while you place a live trade and do not become too confident as anything can change at any time.

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