Kim Jong-un Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife, Height, Weight, and many more details can be checked on this page. Kim Jong-un Net Worth is $5.2 billion (Approx. 41000 Crore INR). Kim Jong-Un is the name which is known worldwide, for his authoritarian and severe behavior and approach. He is a political official and the leader of the Korean worker’s party. He is the supreme leader of North Korea and he is in power since 2011, which was after the death of his father.

Here, we will discuss Mr. Kim Jong-Un’s life and most obviously his wealth and net worth. He was born to singers Ko Yong-Hui and Kim Jong-Il. He has an elder brother, a half-brother, and a younger sister. Kim probably attended a private school in Switzerland under an assumed identity as a diplomat’s son.

Kim Jong-un Net Worth

Coming to his personal life, he is a family man who is devoted to his wife and children. Coming to his net worth is estimated to be around $5.2 billion which in Indian Rupees is equal to 41 thousand crores INR. Kim has been ranked 36th on the Forbes list 2018 of the most powerful people in the world.

NameKim Jong-un
Net Worth (2022)$5.2 Billion
Net Worth In Indian Rupees41,000 Crore INR
ProfessionSupreme Leader of North Korea
Monthly Income And Salary$34 Million +
Yearly Income$410 Million +
Last Updated2022
Kim Jong-un Net Worth

Mr. Kim Jong UN Assets:

House: He lives in Ryongsong Residence which is a Presidential palace in North Korea. Its has banquet halls, shooting range, Olympic size swimming pool with a giant waterslide, spas, running tracks and the palace is highly secured and protected for in case of a war. The interiors are luxurious. Apart from this he owns 17 other palaces and 1 private island.

Kim car collection and hobbies


  • Mercedes Maybach S600 PG
  • Mercedes Maybach S62
  • He owns a fleet of 30 Mercedes Cars.
  • He has a private jet worth 1.5 million US dollar and
  • A custom made 200 feet Yacht

His hobbies include basketball, computer games and watching Jackie Chan action movies. He likes to spend money on drinks, pets and perfumes. He is a heavy smoker too. Despite all the facilities and comforts dictatorship has to offer, Kim suffers from insomnia, psychological disorders, high BP and diabetes.


Kim Jong-un Sister
Kim Jong-un Sister


Since North Korea is a much-closed country, and Kim Jong-Un has lived most of his life out of the Public eye, very little information is available about his early life. His date of birth is also not known exactly but according to North Korean authorities, his Birth date is 8th January 1982. He is also known by his nicknames like “Nuclear Lunatic” and “Overweight Madman”.

Returning to Pyongyang, he attended Kim II-Sung University. He obtained a degree in Physics and in the Military as an Army Officer. People of North Korea treat Kim Jong-Un as a heavenly figure and sing songs of praise in his favor. He was also appointed as the chairman of the Military Commission. He is a third-generation ruler of North Korea.

Unlike his father, Kim Jong-Un makes public appearances every now and then. Kim believes in self-reliance, developing national industries to avoid dependence even on allies. He is working hard for North Korea’s development but much of his policies are an issue for other countries across the globe. He has been promoting economic and cultural reforms to fight North Korea’s widespread malnourishment and food shortages. He has ordered the construction of various amusement parks and skiing resorts. His regime has committed countless human rights violations in North Korea’s brutal prison camps. He began nuclear weapon testing in spite of nuclear sanctions.

Frequently Asked Questions

On what does the Net worth of Kim Jong Un Depend?

His net worth is going to increase as long as he continues to be in power. Though it is assumed that much of his money is gained through illegal means but that does not make any difference to his earnings means or net worth.

What are the most interesting facts about Kim Jong Un?

Following are the most interesting facts about Kim Jong Un: He is the world’s youngest dictator. He underwent plastic surgery to resemble his grandfather Kim II Sung. His haircut is very popular in North Korea and it even has a name- ambitious.

Who is the world’s youngest dictator?

Kim Jong Un is the world’s youngest dictator.


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