Jessica Alba Net Worth is estimated to be over $390 Million US Dollars. Through her acting career and businesses, Jessica Alba earns over $40 million income annually. Jessica Alba is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood with millions of salary earnings. Jessica Alba is also the founder of billion-dollar ‘The Honest Company’.

Jessica Alba is a well-known Actress and Entrepreneur from America. She has an impressive net worth of around $390 million. She is notable for her acts in films such as “Good Luck Chuck,” and “Fantastic Four.” Besides, she co-founded The Honest Company, which creates family and newborn baby products.

Jessica held 5.56 million shares when The Honest Company became a public company. In the start, her shares were worth $130 million before taxes. Regardless, the value of her shares declined to about $25 million when the business’s share price dropped to nearly $5 in March 2022.

In 2011, Alba co-founded “The Honest Company.” She has been featured on indexes of the world’s most attractive females by journals such as Vanity Fair and Men’s Health.

Jessica Alba Net Worth


Jessica Alba Net Worth is estimated to be over $390 Million US Dollars. Through her acting career and businesses, Jessica Alba earns over $40 million income annually.

Prolific in film since the early 2000s, she is particularly known for her television series Dark Angel. Jessica Alba earns her salary as a high-paid actress, a model, and a business lady. Jessica Alba has earned over $20 Million through her movies in the last few years. Check out Paris Jackson Net Worth.

We already said Jessica is a popular actress and entrepreneur who has made $390 million through her successful career. She is regarded as one of the wealthiest individuals in the acting industry and continues to develop her worth each year. This shows how hardworking and committed she is to being an excellent performer in her field. 

Jessica’s success story motivates people who want to become actors or entrepreneurs. People really love seeing Jessica perform, and she does excellently in her job because she has unique skills that make her different from others.

Movies Salary
Good Luck Chuck $5 Million
The Eye $7 Million
Sin City $8 Million
Fantastic Four $10 Million
Mechanic Resurrection $8 Million

Jessica Alba Bussiness Income

As a businesswoman, in 2011, Jessica Alba co-founded ‘The Honest Company’ which is a consumer goods company that sells baby, personal, and household products. The business began largely as an e-commerce subscription service for diapers and baby wipes but now sells over 100 products. Jessica Alba’s company has made over $70 million in gross sales earning her over $30 million in profits in the previous year. Also, see Janet Jackson Net Worth.

Jessica Alba Instagram Income

Jessica Alba has millions followers on Instagram and other social networks. Brands approach Jessica Alba to promote their products through her social media accounts. For each such brand promotion or sponsorship post, Jessica Alba earns up to $550,000. In the past 18 months, Jessica Alba has earned over $16 million through such brand promotions.

Jessica Alba’s Annual Income

There are over 12 real estate properties under Jessica Alba’s ownership, through which she receives rent income each month. Jessica Alba also has over $35 Million in Bank Deposits and Government Bonds, through which she receives annual interest and dividend payments. The total rental income earned by Jessica Alba is over $550,000 USD annually. Dividend and interest income of Jessica Alba is an additional $450,000.

Jessica Alba House

Jessica Alba lives in his 10,800 square-foot luxury house located in California, U.S. Jessica Alba has bought this property for a price of $14 Million dollars. Jessica Alba’s house is fitted with 8 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, 2 Pools, and more features. 


The Honest Company

Alba is not just an actress, but she also co-founded The Honest Company with Christopher Gavigan. They create eco-friendly baby products, cleaning items, and other family goods. The business has about 275 staff members and earns more than $150 million per year.

In May 2021, The Honest Company went public. Alba held almost 6.2% of the company, which was worth $130 million at the IPO cost of $23 per share. Regardless, after less than a year, the firm’s share cost fell to about $5, and Alba’s stake became worth around $25 million.

Real Estate

Alba got a large residence in 2017 in Beverly Hills. She and her hubby fixed it up with assistance from some architects. Her father, who sells homes, supported them in purchasing it.

The property is in a lovely gated neighborhood named Oak Pass Road. It’s next to the home of a notable person called Lisa Vanderpump. Other popular people such as Jon Voight, Channing Tatum, and Demi Moore live nearby, also. 

Alba purchased another property for $9.948 million after it was initially listed for $11 million. The previous owner purchased it for much less in 2011, so he made a good profit on it.

The actress had another bungalow, which is located in Beverly Hills, that she sold quickly in 2019 for the full asking cost of $6.195 million. She purchased it over 10 years ago for $4.05 million less than what she sold it for.

Jessica Alba Assets & Investments

Jessica Alba’s assets include 10 real estate properties, 6 Cars, and 3 Luxury yachts. Jessica Alba’s Assets Portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of over $35 Million. Jessica Alba also owns an investment portfolio of 12 stocks that are valued at $19 Million. A few of the stocks owned by Jessica Alba are listed below.

Jessica Alba Loans and Liabilities

In order to peruse her college education, Jessica Alba has taken a student education loan of $28,000. However, after gaining popularity on social media and making enormous sums of money, she has repaid this education loan in its entirety.

However, Jessica Alba has last year taken a huge loan of $20 Million for both her business expansion needs and also purchase of a house property. This loan is currently outstanding with Bank of America and is considered while computing the net worth of Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba Wiki

Full Name Jessica Marie Alba
Age 42 years
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.70 m)
Weight 127 lb (58 kg)
Spouse Cash Warren (m. 2008)
Children Yes (3)
Parents Mark Alba, Catherine Jensen
Siblings Joshua Alba
Worth $390 Million

Jessica Alba Cars

Jessica Alba has recently bought a Lamborghini Aventador for $1 Million USD. Jessica Alba also owns a Bugatti Chiron that cost her $3 Million USD. A Few other cars owned by Jessica Alba are listed below. 

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  • Volvo XC90
  • Tesla Model S
  • Range Rover Autobiography



Jessica Alba Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth (Million)
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2023 $390 Million
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2022 $350 Million
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2021 $310 Million
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2020 $280 Million
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2019 $250 Million
Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2018 $230 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jessica Alba a billionaire?

Jessica Alba’s net worth is $390 Million USD. So Jessica Alba not a billionaire.

What is Jessica Alba ethnicity?

Jessica Alba‘s mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English and French ancestry, while her paternal grandparents, who were born in California, were both the children of Mexican immigrants.

How did Jessica Alba become so rich?

In 2011, Alba co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that sells baby, personal and household products.

Jessica Alba Balance Sheet

Assets:$20 Million +
Gold Reserves:$15 Million +
Luxury Cars:3 +
Luxury Watches:10 +
Stock Portfolio:10 +
Luxury Yachts:2 +
Investment:$60 Million +
Business Income:$20 Million +
Other Income:$10 Million +
Loans & Liabilities:$20 Million +
Annual Expense:$8 Million +
Taxes Paid:$8 Million +

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