All you need to know about CA IPCC Law subject, In this article candidates can find CA IPCC Law notes, latest amendments, ICAI notification, Law syllabus, Law study material, Law practice manual etc..Laws and rules, in general, regulate the relationship between business and profession. In specific, an accounting student should have knowledge of the legal framework, which influences business transactions. This paper on Business Laws, Ethics and Communication intends to make the students aware of legal background relating to business and company law. Besides, in today’s scenario, ethics form a core part of any profession and it is indeed imperative for the students of Chartered Accountancy to know the value of ethics in business. Further, a student needs to develop good business communication skills and a sound understanding of related legal deeds and documents. check more details for “IPCC Law Notes, Amendments, Updates, Notifications for May 2019” from below…

. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India taken CA IPCC Exams every year in the month of May and in the month of November. Here we provide CA IPCC Business Laws And Professional Ethics and Assurance latest notes and amendments applicable for May 2019 Exams. You may also find CA IPCC Law suggested answers and previous years question papers for all attempts. All the resources of CA IPCC Law Subject available in pdf format. Now Scroll down below n check more details regarding “CA IPCC Law Notes, Questions, Amendment, Updates For May 2019“. The syllabus is, therefore, comprehensive and has been segregated into three parts with Part I covering Business Laws and the Company Law, Part II covering Business Ethics and Part III covering Business Communication. This paper prescribes a working level knowledge of all the segments covered.

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IPCC Law Notes, Amendments, Updates, Notifications for May 2019

The Companies Act, 2013: The provisions of Companies Act, 2013 along with significant Rules/ Notifications/ Circulars/ Clarification/ Orders issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the laws covered under the business laws, as amended by concerned authority, including significant notifications and circulars issued up to 31st October, 2018, are applicable for May, 2019 examination.

IV Applicability of the Companies Act, 2013

(i) Students are expected to be updated with the notifications, circulars and other legislative amendments made upto 6 months prior to the examination. For instance, for May, 2019 examination, significant notifications and circulars issued upto 31st October, 2018 would be relevant.

The relevant notified Sections of the Companies Act, 2013 and legislative amendments including relevant Notifications / Circulars / Rules / Guidelines issued by Regulating Authority up to 31st October, 2018 will be applicable for May, 2019 Examination. It may be noted that the legislative and other amendments applicable for May 2019 Examination would be given as Academic Update in the Revision Test Paper for May 2019 Examination.


(ii) Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2016 issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 29th March, 2016 is applicable for May, 2019 Examination.

IPCC Law Updates

IPCC Law Various Notes

IPCC Law Suggested Answers

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CA IPCC Law Study Tips 

Since the level of knowledge required for the subject is ‘working knowledge’ and the objective is to gain knowledge of those branches of laws relating to business transactions, certain corporate bodies and related matters and their application to practical commercial situations, students need to prepare on these lines. For this, they have to focus their study based on the major legal provisions, case laws, if any, and understand their practical implications. Besides, students should also give importance to the terms/definitions for proper conceptualisation of the answers.

As stated earlier, students should also go through the Bare Acts to get a better understanding of the provisions contained in various statutes.

CA IPCC Law Syllabus


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Classes of Companies
  • Chapter 3: Promoters
  • Chapter 4: Registration of Company
  • Chapter 5: Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Chapter 6: Contracts
  • Chapter 7: Concept of Capital
  • Chapter 8: Prospectus
  • Chapter 9: Debt Capital & Creation Of Charge
  • Chapter 10: Allotment and Issue of Certificates
  • Chapter 11: Membership
  • Chapter 12: Transfer of Shares
  • Chapter 13: Genera l Meetings
  • Chapter 14: Deposits
  • Chapter 15: E-Governance
  • Chapter 16: Company Law Administration


  • Chapter 17: Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • Chapter 18: Negotiable Instrument Act,


  • Chapter 19: Payment Of Bonus
  • Chapter 20: Provident Fund
  • Chapter 21: The Payment Of Gratuity Act,


  • Chapter 22: Principles of Business Ethics
  • Chapter 23: Corporate Governance
  • Chapter 24: Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr)
  • Chapter 25: Workplace Ethics
  • Chapter 26: Environment & Ethics.
  • Chapter 27: Ethics in Marketing and Consumer
  • Chapter 28: Ethics in Accounting and Finance


  • Chapter 29: Essentials Of Communication
  • Chapter 30: Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Chapter 31: Group Dynamics
  • Chapter 32: Communication Ethics
  • Chapter 33: Communicating Corporate Culture, Change and Innovative Spirit
  • Chapter 34: Communication in Business Environment
  • Chapter 35: Basic Understanding of Legal Deeds And Documents

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