Interest on Capital – Complete Details

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Interest on Capital – Interest is generally allowed on capitals of the partner Interest on capital of partners is calculated for the relevant period for which the amount of capital has been used in the business. Normally, it is charged for full year on the balance of capital at the beginning of the year unless some fresh capital is introduced during the year. On the additional capital introduced, interest for the relevant period of utilisation is calculated

In More Simple Worlds -The interest will be payable only out of profits. As a general rule, interest on capital subscribed by partners is not allowed unless there is an agreement or usage to that effect. The principle underlying this provision of law is that regards the capital brought by a partner in the business, he is not a creditor of the firm but an adventure.


In case of fixed capital accounts, interest is calculated on the balance of capital accounts only and no interest is payable / chargeable on the balance of current accounts.

Subject to contract between the partners, interest on capitals is to be provided out of profits only. Thus in case of loss, no interest is provided. But in case of insufficient profits( i.e., net profit less than the amount of interest on capital), the amount of profit is distributed in the ratio of capital as partners get profit by way of interest on capital only

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