ICAI Convocation 2020 – Date, Venue (ca convocation January 2020)


ICAI Convocation 2020 – Date, Venue (ca convocation January 2020). ICAI Start 1st Convocation for 2019-20. This is First Round and Held in top Cities on 3rd January to 5th January 2020As per Revised Schedule now ICAI Convocation 2020 will be held at Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur and at Delhi. List of these cities are as follow Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, Kanpur. Here we are providing complete details of Convocation – 2019-20 with time schedule. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details regarding ICAI Convocation August 2019 – Date, Venue, Eligibility


As you are aware, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) organises Convocations for distributing certificates to the newly qualified members, in order to promote a sense of comradeship among members and to bring them closer to the Institute. In fact, Convocations also provide us an occasion to welcome and mark the entry of new members into the professional fraternity. Around 8360 newly enrolled members who have been granted membership during May 2019 to October 2019 will be awarded Certificate of Membership at respective places in the august gathering of Council Members of ICAI, dignitaries & the Chief Guest as well as CA fraternity. Convocation programme would be held on 3rd January to 5th January 2020 in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur, and New Delhi. More details about the venue and schedule of the Convocations will be intimated to the participants by the concerned Regional Offices of ICAI. Members on their own may contact their Regional Offices to know the details of these programmes.

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ICAI Convocation January 2020

In order to promote a sense of comradeship among members and for bringing them closer to the Institute, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) organizes Convocations for distributing certificates to the newly qualified members. In fact, this is an occasion to mark the entry of the new members into the fraternity.

The schedule of the proposed Convocation is as follows:

ICAI Convocation 2020 is to be held as per following schedule in which members newly enrolled during the period May 2019 to October 2019 will be awarded Certificate of Membership amidst august gathering of CA fraternity.

The Members having Membership Numbers as below are eligible to participate and invited to attend in Dress Code.

Sr. No.Office/PlaceDate
1ICAI/Ahmedabad3rd January 2020 (Friday)
2ICAI/Pune3rd January 2020 (Friday)
3ICAI/Hyderabad3rd January 2020 (Friday)
4ICAI/Chennai4th January 2020 (Saturday)
5ICAI/Mumbai4th January 2020 (Saturday)
6ICAI/Kolkata4th January 2020 (Saturday)
7ICAI/Jaipur4th January 2020 (Saturday)
8ICAI/Kanpur4th January 2020 (Saturday)
9ICAI/New Delhi5th January 2020 (Sunday)

All listed participants will be intimated individually giving details of venue and timing. For further enquiry, please contact your concerned office of ICAI as above.

The concerned newly enrolled members may please make necessary travel arrangements to participate in the Convocation

The details about the venue and timing of the Convocation Programme Schedule will be intimated to the participants by the concerned Regional Offices of ICAI.

Detailed programme sheet alongwith individual invitation has already been sent to the concerned participants. Please contact ICAI office at the above cities or concerned Regional office for further enquiry.

All the participants of Convocation may arrange their travel to attend the convocation programme at the respective places.

The listed participants may join on the day and celebrate their success and cherish on becoming Chartered Accountant Professional.

For any further information, members are requested to contact the concerned Regional Offices.

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  1. Anamika says

    Sir I have enrolled as a member in may 2018 and received the invitation for convocation to be held in September 2018 bt still i didn’t get my identity card.. so please let me know can I attend the convocation and procedure for getting identity card

  2. Natasha Suresh says

    If i am unable to attend this convocation ceremony can I attend the next?

    1. vineel says

      yes, you can but please keep in touch with icai officials on a time to time basis

  3. Meenal says

    I didn’t received invitation till date for pune.i called in mumbai office,they said they didnt get any certificate and kanpur region said they sent certificate.what can I do now?

    1. Meenal says

      I got confirmation regarding transfer of centre but not invitation

  4. Ashmita Agrawal says

    I am not able to attend september 2017 convocation for some reasons.Can I attend convocation in next round?

    1. Eshant Arora says

      Hi I registered myself in March 2018 but didn’t receive any call, email or invite from the institute.What should I do in this case

  5. Deepti Choudhary says

    If someone has passed Final Examination, but did not complete 3 years experience, therefore didn’t apply for membership, then whether that person can attend Convocation?

  6. vanisha gupta says

    sir I have received message for convocation and i gave my confirmation but still i have not received any details about venue n time.pls suggest me what should i do.

  7. Dimapl says


    I Enrolled as a Member on 27/06/2016. I Didn’t received Mail or Letter. M I Eligible For January Convocation???
    I called My regional office they told me that you can file Online form If you Interested. This facility is also Available???

  8. CA Hinal Shah says

    How to check whether my name is there in the list of convocation??
    is there any link fro that

  9. CA Dhaval Anadkat says

    Hi..i enrolled as member in june but didnt received mail regarding convocation.. what should i do?

  10. Neha Kejriwal says

    Convocation date is 31.01.2017. Please update

  11. Kritika says

    Hi,I have cleared CA in Jan 2016 and registered for membership on 1 April 2016 but I have not received any intimation of convocation. Please tell when the convocation will take place and centre.

  12. SONAKSHI says

    Hello Sir.I enrolled before 31.3.2016 in feb.But didn’t get any mail from my regional office.May I know the venue and time in delhi.

    1. Raju Choudhary says


      ICAI Send Innovation to all candidates who are eligible for this convocation, please call to your regional office immediately no other option is available.

  13. Prabhat Kumar says

    Sir, I have enrolled as a member in August 2015 should i will be eligible for this convocation tomorrow.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Prabhat Kumar

      Only Members enrolled during the period October, 2015 to March, 2016 are eligible for this convocation. but Sometime ICAI Send invitation to old members who not attend last convocation so Please call to your Regional centre to appear in this convocation.

  14. Vaishnavi says

    Hey I am enrolled as a member in Sept 2015 and also received communication from ICAI regarding August 2016 convocation. But i am will not be able to attend the convocation of August 2016 due to some reason. Can I attend the next round of convocation? Also can parents attend the convocation?

  15. Lucky Nanwani says

    Hi Raju!
    This is Lucky Nanwani. I registered myself with ICAI as a member in October 2015. So I become eligible for this convocation. The Problem before me is that I was student in Central Region and am enrolled as member in Central Region. I join the programme at Jaipur on August 17, 2016. However, these days I am living at Mumbai to which Western Council applies. Now, in Invitee list of Western Council, my name is not appearing. Can you tell me the procedure how can I get include my name in WIRC Invitee list. In case it is not possible, can you suggest will i be eligible for next convocation held at jaipur or mumbaii. If yes then let me know how ?

    1. RAJAT SINGHAL says

      hello Lucky Nanwani, i did have the same issue so i got myself registered at Delhi by asking the Regional representative( generally Asst. Secretary ) at Delhi to enroll me there. What u have to do is first send a mail to Relevant representative at Mumbai i’m guessing is Mr. A.D. Paulson [paulson@icai.in] ( you can also Call Wirc Mumbai for confirmation ) and also one mail to Mr. RJ Mishra, Assistance Secretary, CRO [rj.Mishra@icai.in], requesting them to allow you to attend your convocation at Mumbai for reasons you have stated here. Hope you get to attend the convocation at Mumbai. Have a nice day 🙂

  16. satya says

    Hi I enrolled as member in March 2016 but i want to attend the convocation in Bangalore but this time ICAI is not conducting in bangalore what should i do

  17. Mukesh Thakur says

    whether convocation programme of ICAI is mandatory to attend ?

  18. Prachi sukhadia says

    I didn’t receive any mail of convocation so it out of ma mind and that’s why I could attend convocation,and I cleared ca in July 2015 and my date of issue card is 23/102015 and I hve enroll as member on 4/82015 so now can I eligible for next convocation? ?

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Prachi sukhadia

      Yes you are eligible for next convocation, please contact to your regional office for more details.

  19. Ca Rohit Baheti says

    I have received mail reg convocation programme but I hahave not recd details of time and venue for convocation. So kindly let me know that I will be eligible for next convocation programme.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Ca Rohit Baheti

      If you can not attend this convocation then don’t worry you are eligible for next convocation.

  20. Sonal Shah says

    Sir, I have already replied for attending convocation programme to the regional office but due to my ill health i could not attend the convocation programme. Can I attend the programme next time?? Is institute give only one time chance to attend the same??

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Sonal Shah

      Yes you are Eligible for next convocation programme, stay visit to our site for next convocation details.

  21. prachi says

    Can parents too attended convocation

  22. Rohan Kelawala says

    Hi. I am rohan kelawala from surat gujarat. I want to know that i also want to take my parents in the convocation. Can i do so or only personal presence is needed?

  23. Sanket Shanishchara says

    Can anyone provide the address of Mumbai Convocation to be held on 24th January-2016??? I have received mail for ahmedabad convocation, but I got approval to attend the same at Mumbai. But I don’t know where it is going to be held. Please provide the address.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Sanket Shanishchara

      Please call to your regional office and ask them for time and venue details.

      1. Sanket Shanishchara says

        Okay thank you, Mr. Raju Choudhary.

  24. Manik Gulati says

    i ve enrolled as a member on 15th april 2015.and i got the mail from the institute that my convocation is on 24th jan 2016 at chandigarh. but i want to participate from delhi can i do so..

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Manik Gulati

      In my Best knowledge you can do this, Many Students Got Approval for Change in Convocation Centre, Please call to your ICAI Regional office and tell them for “I want to change my convocation centre”

  25. Garishma chopra says

    I enrolled as a member in may 2015. I called at regional office they told me dat I m eligible for January 2016,convocation but I didn’t get any mail till now,what will be the procedure next, plez help.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Garishma chopra

      We are not able to provide this information, please re-contact to your regional office or your ICAI Branch.

  26. Ca Komal Agarwal says

    i am pass out of may2014 but enrolled on 31st march 2015 and card issued on 24-07-2015. So am i eligible for convocation held as on 24th January 2016.
    Thank you

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Ca Komal Agarwal

      ICAI Not Issued any guideline for January 2016 Convocation so Please contact to your regional office for all details related to January 2016 Convocation.

  27. Nisha says

    Is there any form and fees and documents required for convocation held in January 2016?

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Nisha

      ICAI Not Provide any details for January 2016 Convocation and in my best knowledge if you already submitted form 2 then no need for any other document, Please contact to your regional office and confirm these details. You may download from 102 from following link you can find fees details in above form 2.

  28. Megha says

    I am july 2015 passout and I enroll for membership in september 2015. Is it required to enroll sepratlly for convocation? If yes how to enroll for convocation?

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Megha

      ICAI Not Issued any Notification for Next Convocation, we will updated you when ICAI is Issued Any Notification Related to Convocation.

      1. zoha says

        Can u plz help me out DAT by letting me know when is Icai round 2 convocation….. I m a foreign member and needs to apply for holiday and book my tickets

  29. Lalit Agrawal says

    I ve enrolled as a member in april,2015 & hence will not be eligible to enroll for convocation to be held in may-july 15. I would like to kno weather i will be eligible to enroll in 2nd round of convocation & if yes, expected date of convocation?

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Lalit Agrawal

      ICAI not Issued any Notification Regarding 2nd round of convocation. When ICAI Issued any Notification i will updated you. Subscribe our mailing list for more latest updates or join us on Facebook.

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