When Gaylord boxes were first introduced, the term Gaylord was actually a tradename, one designed to reference bulk size corrugated boxes.

Gaylord boxes have likely been seen at your local store, or perhaps a big box store, in your community. These are large corrugated boxes, typically attached to some type of wood pallet. Corrugated containers can also hold products that are in bags, such as watermelons and fresh produce.

Gaylord Box

It is common for a trademark to become the name by which people refer to a certain product. Kleenex is an example of this. Today, when people are injured, they will ask for a Band-Aid. When handling any type of materials for a business, Gaylord is likely a name that you use when referencing boxes or containers that you need.

Jumbo size corrugated boxes, such as those from Gaylord, is a generic term for any type of bulk shipping package or pallet-sized box that can also be used for storage. These are very large containers and are also referred to in the following way:

  • Bulk Bins
  • Skid Boxes
  • Pallet Containers
  • Bulk Boxes
  • Pallet Boxes
  • Tote Boxes


Gaylord boxes, when they are manufactured, or designed from corrugated materials and have a relatively short lifespan. This is why they are very popular in the agricultural industry. It is because they are corrugated that they are much less costly plus they are very easy to replace.

Gaylord boxes can be designed with up to 5 wall construction, both in plastic and when using corrugated paper.  2 Wall Gaylord Boxes are very popular. If you are using a corrugated plastic box, these are typically for long-term use, however, it’s not going to be very good when heavy handling is involved.

For heavy handling applications, recycled plastic is often used, made for industrial usage, similar to a collapsible container. If they are not abused, these plastic containers from Gaylord can last for several years.

For the other applications that you may need them for, especially those that require FDA approval, you can use them for direct food contact, plus version plastic materials will enable those in the agricultural industry to conform with all Gaylord requirements.


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