In Canada and the United States, the use of cannabis is on the rise as many areas have passed legislation to decriminalize the drug for both recreational and medical purposes. Since marijuana impairs a person’s intellectual capabilities, it is essential that the risks of being involved in a car accident while under the influence of marijuana be managed accordingly.

Apart from alcohol, cannabis is the drug that is discovered in post-crash screening more often than any other substance. As the commonality of marijuana increases, so must its legal implications. In this article, we seek to uncover the new ways in which marijuana has become intertwined with the unfortunate circumstances that so often follow when making the choice to drive under the influence.

Why Drivers Should Avoid Cannabis Consumption

DUI (driving under the influence) rules aren’t limited to alcohol. Driving when under the effects of substances, such as cannabis is also not only risky but illegal. Driving is a complicated task that requires your undivided focus to keep you and those around you safe.

Marijuana impacts the brain’s areas that regulate motion, equilibrium, coordination, recollection, and decision-making. By impairing critical skills needed for safe driving, you put a lot on the line when driving high. Cannabis consumption can affect you by reducing your reaction speed, decision-making capacity, and general abilities of coordination.


Some studies have indicated correlations between car accidents and the use of marijuana, though a lot of research is still in development. Regardless, it is impossible to establish a causal relationship between the THC in a driver’s body and the car accident they were involved in.

THC is the chemical associated with marijuana’s psychoactive characteristics, and these effects must be taken very seriously in the context of driving. Combining influences such as alcohol and marijuana can worsen impairment even more, according to scientific studies.

The Purpose of DUI Lawyer for Cannabis-Related Cases

Assessing the features and flaws of a DUI and how influence is measured can be challenging. This is especially true considering how many other variables may be at play in a vehicular accident. It’s new ground for lawmakers, and for an individual who does not have any prior expertise or background in the legal field, it can be especially hard to navigate.

Legislation regarding DUI is complex and always in development, and the circumstances surrounding each case are different. Therefore, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of a DUI lawyer who has significant experience in the field.

The majority of attorneys that specialize in DUI cases offer free consultations to potential clients. However, regardless of whether you are required to pay, you should consider it to be time well spent. At the appointment, bring your police statement along with any other relevant case papers you may have in order to make the most efficient use of the time.

One might also consider bringing a driving history if there are prior offences that could impact your case. Take the time to write an effective list of concerns that you need to have addressed so that you don’t miss anything.

Why Hire DUI Lawyers?

1. A lawyer knows how to apply the law to your situation.

After your arrest for DUI, the authorities may question you. Before interacting with law enforcement or lawyers, consult with an attorney. Criminal defence counsel provides invaluable guidance on how to react and how to respond to particular inquiries, both of which may have a huge impact on the outcome of the DUI case.

2. A charge for DUI can damage your liberty, image, and financial stability.

Even the first DUI charges can result in severe consequences, such as severe penalties, prison sentences, and loss of license. A lawyer can make the difference when it comes to these crucial moments. In rare instances, a DUI conviction may also influence your professional license. Do you really want to take that risk?

3. A lawyer may be able to help you lessen or discharge charges.

Your attorney will evaluate the situation surrounding the matter and distill it for you to better understand. Not only this, they will be able to better determine how to follow the flow of your case and whether there is any chance of reducing or dismissing the accusations. They may find grounds for this through flaws in data and evidence, such as an incorrect breathalyzer or blood analysis. If you are facing further accusations of unlawful possession, it would be best to find an expert crime attorney to represent you or risk even more severe charges.

4. A lawyer assists you in comprehending your future.

Complicated DUI regulations make negotiating within the judicial process difficult. It may be enticing to immediately enter a plead guilty in order to conclude your DUI case. It is essential to investigate your options thoroughly and make an informed choice when making decisions of this nature.

Having a counsel bargain with authorities on your side can assist mitigate the consequences of a DUI. If your case gets to court, a defence lawyer can assist you in preparing and developing a strategy to obtain the most favourable outcome, even if you don’t find any of them to be appealing.

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