As a dental practice owner it’s important that you have places you can turn for career guidance especially when it comes to income taxes, company taxes, investments and insurance. Filing taxes in the UK can be a little difficult especially as a dental practitioner because you don’t necessarily know what is a claim for your business expenses.

There are a few things you can successfully claim and being able to keep track of everything and get professional help will Enlighten you as to which things you should look out for and file on your tax returns. Tax law changes almost as often as the world of dental practices and services so a professional can help you navigate changes as they arise.

Equipment costs

When you are financing a large company or a personal practice, it’s very likely that you are going to spend a great deal of money on different equipment, especially supplies. Whether this includes the administrative equipment or the dental equipment, there is usually something you have to buy. Any new piece of equipment in order for you to practice efficiently should be calculated as part of your business expenses.

UK tax law says that a proportion of your business expenses can be claimed on your taxes but only up to a certain amount. Knowing this can help you save receipts where necessary and work with a qualified accountant.



You might not realize that travel for your dental practice is something you should keep track of. Whether you are flying across the UK for different meetings, attending workshops, or doing in-home Dental, the costs you incur should be recorded and tracked so that they can be used as part of your business expenses. Anytime you have overnight work, those expenditures can also qualify under this section.

This might include traveling and staying in a hotel while you are attending a required conference, getting an extra certification, or making a business deal with a new supplier whom you wished to meet in person. The travel, Hotel fees, meals, and other expenses are things you might be able to claim.

Work from home

With covid-19 practitioners are working from home so they are focused almost exclusively on providing a great deal of services in a virtual capacity at least where possible. However, when you work from home oh, there are costs. working from home will have tax benefits for you in the UK. You can claim the same things you claim when you work in a regular office especially if you have had to invest in specific software or equipment in order to facilitate better virtual Services. Practitioners who have to purchase webcams, microphones, or virtual software in order to have online meetings can use those expenses as tax write-offs.

Dental practice owner's guide to tax

Company perks

It is imperative that you treat your employees with respect and kindness, valuing the human capital that they provide. However, it can create tax problems if you invest too much in extra company perks or gifts. You need to be aware of how much you might pay in taxes for the things you give.

Track everything 

You need to keep track of all forms and all receipts that have to do with everything you purchase or every expense. A big part of understanding the way in which you can manage your taxes and all financial aspects of your dental practice is making sure that you save receipts when you purchase company equipment or supplies from Kent Express.

Even though some items might not count toward a business expense when you file your taxes, having more paperwork gives you the opportunity to claim even more business expenses and deductibles then you might realize. You don’t want to be greedy or claim too much but you want to have the paperwork necessary so that when you sit down with an accountant you can go over what opportunities for claims you might have and from there substantiate those claims with the necessary paperwork.

Hire help

In today’s world it is very easy for you to find virtual help no matter where you are. Hiring an accountant can give you at least the basics when it comes to gathering documents, substantiating claims, and knowing in general what you want to file and when. Everyone wants to be independent and work on their own, but hiring a bookkeeper with financial knowledge can give you the foundation of support you need to track the right documents throughout the year, organize information that will facilitate much faster and easier taxes when the time comes, and more.

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